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  • Out of My Mature Mind, Antiques or antique?

  • Don’t faint, but I have been cleaning like a mad fool. I am not sure why. It might be the winter storms or dreary skies that make me want to get rid of things.

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  • Don’t faint, but I have been cleaning like a mad fool. I am not sure why. It might be the winter storms or dreary skies that make me want to get rid of things.
    I remember when I was pregnant they said that when you got the “nesting” mood going on you are ready to deliver…well, that ain’t it! I think it is the weather.
    For those of you that are on the more mature side, say over 39 to the 11th power, you might begin to think that someday you might move. That is the mind set I have this winter. When I am cleaning drawers, closets, cabinets and basement, I look at things and think, “Do I really want to move this someday? Is it worth paying a mover to haul from here to there?”
    I thought I would find this sorting, cleaning and getting rid of things sad but, I find it refreshing. Some of the things I have kept over the years make me laugh now. What was I thinking? Did I really think it was going to be of value some day? There are things packed away that I have not seen in 10 years and all though I am sentimental, I am finding that getting rid of things makes me feel better.
    Usually, at this time of year, I am complaining about the weather and how there is no sun.
    This year I have turned that complaining, well some of it, into some kind of cleaning energy.
    I have made a game of it. I am searching for that one item that will make me rich, like a misprinted penny or a big diamond that I thought was costume jewelry, you get the idea. Silly, but it keeps me working. I was sitting around feeling like an antique…now I am frantically searching for them!
    I have been sorting jewelry and coins to take in to see how much they are ”worth”. I am thinking thousands but know it will be $100 if I am lucky.
    Things are not as important as they seemed years ago. When company came over I got out the silver, china and crystal goblets. Now I wonder where I can sell those items. Company?
    Paper plates and plastic cups.
    My daughters are both grown, married and have their own kids and I am thinking maybe, just maybe, it is time to get rid of their stuffed animals. Don’t you think?
    Through college and their single years they dwindled their treasures down to some smaller boxes but now they have their own kids and no basements. I do not mind being a storage unit until…the day comes when I want to move.
    I make stacks of things that are theirs or that could be theirs because I no longer want them.
    Page 2 of 2 - When I have some items set aside the show begins.
    My oldest daughter lives in Florida and my youngest in Georgia. I can’t call them up and have them come over and decide what they want to do with the items so I do the next best thing. I connect with them through the computer on Skype where I can hold each item up asking, keep or toss it?
    The great thing is, as I am cleaning things out, I am cleaning the rooms. I consider this spring cleaning. It will be done before the sun shines and then I can go outside, look at the flower garden and wonder why, oh why did I make it so big?

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