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  • Out of My Mature Mind, Candy corn and Christmas ornaments

  • Have you noticed the holidays have changed as you have gotten a little more, uhh mature? I have found a down side to some of the changes but, I have also found a good side.

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  • Have you noticed the holidays have changed as you have gotten a little more, uhh mature? I have found a down side to some of the changes but, I have also found a good side.
    We just celebrated Halloween. I remember as a child roaming the neighborhood with the other kids and not parents. We used our pillow cases to collect full size Musketeers and Milky Ways and we didn't come home until everyone had turned off their porch lights.
    I remember the days of taking our first child trick or treating. Sure she could not eat the candy but as parents we were excited to have a child and to participate. As time went on I would tromp through the rain, sleet and sometimes snow from house to house holding a child's hand in each of mine. If your family was like mine, the mom's took the kids trick or treating because the dads had to give out the candy-and watch the football game.
    I remember the school parties, the baking, buying candy, pouring drinks for kindergartners that soon spilled them, figuring out what costume the kids were going to wear and then they would change their minds.
    One day I found myself watching the school Halloween parade and realizing that my baby is grown up and that after 11 years of being room mother this will be my last Halloween parade and party. A feeling came over me, I tried to fight it, but I didn't want anyone to see me get emotional. I tried to hold back but my cheeks just began to rise and my lips began to part and suddenly I realized there was a big smile on my face. I knew I would not have to worry about a costume ever again.
    That is not entirely true as there were those occasions where my daughters needed a costume for a high school or college party but they were pretty self sufficient and we would work together. Then they got married and life moves in a different direction-grandchildren.
    Well, that is different. Now all of a sudden costumes sound fun again. At first they are so cute and sweet and then they are monsters and pirates. Once again you are walking the sidewalks in the sleet and rain, passing out candy, dragging buckets of candy and loving every minute of it because you have the opportunity to do it.
    My grandsons moved to Florida and I get to see the pictures of their outfits and you are once again passing out candy in the crummy weather to children you have never seen before while your grandchildren are trick or treating downtown Disney with Mickey and sunshine.
    But, you don't get sad because you are happy they are having so much fun.
    Page 2 of 2 - Then the holiday takes on a new meaning when a new little one is born on Halloween. This year I did not have to make a costume but my sister-in-law, the person in the family that can sew, was gently persuaded by my daughter, who lives near her in Georgia, to make a birthday cake with one single candle for a hat.
    While Ryan and Tyler are getting the full pirate makeup, sword and a pirate names at Disney's Pirate League, Lucy is a birthday cake. And, I didn't have to do a thing.
    This year I did not stay at home and pass out candy, I was fortunate to celebrate Lucy's birthday and yes, I did participate in trick or treat but somehow when you go with the grandkids it is less stressful. I did not get to see the pirates in person but have shared a picture with you.
    By the time you read this you will realize that Halloween items in the store are 50 percent off and that you can buy your Thanksgiving turkey and the ornaments for your Christmas tree at the same store on the same day. Each holiday seems to fly by faster and faster, partly because retail helps them along, but also it is true what “they” say, the days go faster the older you get so hold on, you are in for an awesome ride. By the way, Lucy won the costume contest at the day care festivities.

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