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  • Letter to the editor: Vote ‘no’ on Coventry schools’ bond issue, tax levy

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  • Why is the Coventry school board so insensitive to the decision of the voters to not support the proposed additional 5.99-mill bond issue and tax levy? The referendum has been rejected twice in the last six months! Does Tina Gable, school board member, speak for school officials to apologize to the students because the voters “... did not think they were worth it?”
    A major portion of the proposed levy is a 4.89-mill bond for a new high school facility. How do you price a $39.3 million facility that is not designed and has no statement of work? Ohio School Facilities Commission has offered $11 million aid package. Coventry tax payers must raise $28.3 million for its obligation. I am not skilled to understand — no construction budget, no engineering design drawings, no competitive bidding, no delivery quotation, no quality specifications, unsourced construction bond interest rate. How do I support, approve a $28.3 million levy that has no definition, no start and no end?
    The school’s budget serves as the financial expression of the educational philosophy of Coventry’s Board of Education. It is viewed as the most important and fundamental responsibility of financial management. School officials must create and maintain achievable goals for the educational program and facilities, adhering to the millage approved by the property owners, and demonstrate financial prudence in its use of our tax dollars!
    On May 7, additional taxes are requested — we are reaching the danger limit of taxation, a point where there is a deep feeling of unrest and dissatisfaction of the allocation of moneys to the school’s operating budget.
    Passage of the 5.99-mill levy would change the CLSD school millage ranking from 12th to the 5th highest school rate of the 17 local school districts.
    CLSD officials imply that current revenue has not adequate funding for students’ education and facility maintenance.
    Education is about people, not buildings!
    Hugh W. Weinberg,
    Coventry Township

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