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  • We may not live in one of the largest “cosmopolitan” areas but I like to think we can hold our own when visiting the “big” cities.

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  • We may not live in one of the largest “cosmopolitan” areas but I like to think we can hold our own when visiting the “big” cities.
    Recently, I stayed in a new Las Vegas hotel. I would not have paid to stay there, it was above my limit however I had a free room. Traveling through Nevada and Arizona I used the Vegas airport so this hotel was close by.
    The lobby, casino, shopping “mall” and restaurants were pretty swanky as I headed for the elevators and the 24th floor.  There was no slot for the key, only a black circle above the door handle and I realized, don’t ask me how, that all I had to do was place the key against the circle and “viola’” the door magically unlocked.
    When I opened the door, I heard a very soft noise of something sliding. It was the draperies slowly sliding open. While standing stunned I wondered who was in the room, was it occupied? That has happened to me before.
    I stood like a deer in headlights as the drapery moved exposing the mountain range and the lights slowly came on. As I walked a little further into the room, I heard music playing. It was coming from the TV and there was no one in the room. You just shouldn’t do this to a “mature person.”
    The large wall mounted flat screen welcomed me with my name on the screen along with the time, temp and that the deadbolt was in a locked position. Heck ya, I locked it, I was nervous.
    Behind the opened draperies AND shears was a wall to wall, floor to ceiling view of Vegas, the pools on lower decks of the surrounding luxury condos, Red Rock Canyon and the snow capped, Mount Charleston.
    From there it became more interesting. There was a desk/media center with all sorts of hookups and an electrical plug, the only one you could find in the room as they were all
    There was a fancy ice bucket not the usual plastic container with the plastic bag, glass glasses, snacks and more, which, came at a healthy price. I was warned at check in not to move anything in the mini bar refrigerator as there was a sensor, if you moved it, you bought it. Imagine staying in this room with the kids!
    There was a huge shower stall with a full size Jacuzzi tub in the stall. On the other side, two sinks and a large mirror which; by the way, you could see yourself from the shower…UGH! I could not find the toilet.
    I pushed on a glass wall and poof, there was the toilet, a telephone and artwork. If the toilet paper did not automatically dispense I was going to be disappointed, and I was. On the floor, I saw a thin, clear glass thing trimmed in metal, it was a scale. Who wants to weigh themselves while on vacation and after eating $1.99 senior buffets in Laughlin? I also found four white robes in the closet.
    Page 2 of 2 - I decided to find a cheap burger at one of the 26 restaurants and bars. The cheapest was $16, I walked down the street to a more affordable option.
    At bedtime, I had no idea how to close the draperies. With all the switches and gadgets, I could not figure it out, so I fell asleep watching the neon city and woke to the rising sun. I later found that everything operated from the TV. One channel was the airport flight screen.
    I arrived at this hotel by rental car, with a suitcase, computer bag and a bag of snacks. I had to carry these items through the impeccably decorated hotel lobby, casino and up the elevator. Oh, did I mention I was also carrying a Styrofoam cooler with my cheese and fruit?
    Nothing but class here.
    As I departed the hotel, I hoped there would be another free offer in my future as I found a McDonald’s across the street for future meals.