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  • Results from Tuesday's election

  • Among the results: Voters approved the Stark County sales tax, while school board races in Coventry and Springfield remained too close to call. Green voters rejected a utilities ballot issue.

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    Summit and Stark Candidates and Issues
    Information from Summit and Stark Boards of Election
    Winners in italics. An asterisk (*) means too close to call. We'll update results as we get more details.
    Village of Hartville (Stark)
    Richard Currie
    Council (vote for two)
    Robert Blythe
    *Ed Tucker
    *Bruce Klipec
    *515 votes write in, unknown
    Board of Trustees of Public Affairs (vote for two)
    Morris Dingman
    Dave Tessmer
    Hills and Dales Village (Stark)
    Edward Schirack (unopposed)
    Judy Hoover
    J.C. Van Ness
    Hills and Dales Charter
    Jackson Township
    James N. Walters
    Fiscal Officer
    Randy Gonzalez (unopposed)
    School Board
    Scott Gindlesberger
    Christopher V. Goff
    Jackson Issue 4, Liquor option
    Jackson Issue 14, Fire levy
    Lake Township (Stark)
    John Arnold (unopposed)
    Fiscal officer
    Ben V. Sommers (unopposed)
    School Board (vote for two)
    David A. VanderKaay
    Jon Troyer
    Lake Issue 6, Replacement tax to expand Uniontown Police District
    Lake Issue 7, Liquor option, weekday sales of wine and mixed beverages at Hartville Circle K
    Not Approved
    Lake Issue 8, Liquor option, Sunday wine and mix beverage sales, Hartville Circle K
    Not Approved
    Lake Issue 12, Liquor option, Sunday beer wine and mixed beverage and spirits sales, VFW Greentown Post (Double Check)
    Lake Schools Issue 26, 1.8-mill, 28-year, Bond issue to raise $12.7 million for building improvements / 0.5-mill continuing for acquisition, construction and financing of general permanent improvements)
    Not Approved
    Stark Issue 29, .5 percent County Sales Tax
    Stark County Educational Service Center
    Mary J. Olson
    Village of Clinton (Summit)
    Clinton Mayor
    Al Knack (unopposed)
    Clinton Council
    Page 2 of 3 - Matthew A. Steiner
    Kristen A. Sparks
    Green (Summit)
    Dick Norton (unopposed)
    City Council At Large (vote for three)
    Joel Reed
    Chris Humphrey
    Gerard Neugebauer
    Green School Board (vote for two)
    Connie Leonard
    Mark Herdlick
    Green Issue 31, Utilities
    Not Approved
    Manchester( Summit)
    Manchester School Board (vote for two)
    Mark Tallman
    *Amy Meredith
    *Randy F. Duncan
    *Too close to call
    Coventry Township (Summit)
    Coventry Trustee (vote for one)
    David P. Calderone
    Coventry School Board (vote for two)
    Mark Conner
    *Vicki Tanevier
    *Tom Thompson
    *Too close to call
    Coventry Fiscal Officer
    Joni Murgatroyd (unopposed)
    Coventry Issue 7, Renewal of Police levy 2.5 mill, 5 years
    Coventry Issue 8, Additional Police levy 1 mill, 5 years
    Coventry Issue 9, Roads 1.5 mills, 5 years
    Not Approved
    Coventry Issue 10, Sunday liquor sales
    Coventry Issue 11, Sunday liquor sales
    Coventry Issue 12, Sunday liquor sales
    New Franklin (Summit)
    City Council At Large
    Harry Gehm
    City Council Ward 1
    Paul Adamson
    City Council Ward 2
    Terry Harget
    City Council Ward 3
    David Stock
    City Council Ward 4
    Gust Kalapodis (unopposed)
    Springfield Township (Summit)
    Springfield Trustees
    Dean Young
    Springfield Fiscal Officer
    Joy Dies (unopposed)
    Springfield School Board
    *Bobby Dinkins
    *Dave Hofer
    *Glenn Carl Wieland
    *Too close to call
    Springfield Issue 13, Sunday liquor sales
    Lakemore Village (Summit)
    Lakemore Mayor
    Rick Justice
    Lakemore Issue 69, .25 percent income tax increase
    Not approved
    Lakemore Issue 70, Liquor option
    Page 3 of 3 - Approved
    Mogadore (Summit/Portage)
    Mogadore Mayor
    Michael A. Rick (unopposed)
    Mogadore School Board
    Michelle Yoho
    James Popa
    Mogadore Council at Large
    Susan Baker Ross

    Barb Van Dike

    C. William Bauer
    Bill Spaugy

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