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  • Featured Teacher: Jackson School's Kristin Boylin

  • Going the extra mile to make sure every student in her classroom is successful is one reason why Kristin Boylan is this month's Feature a Teacher from Jackson Local Schools.

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  • Going the extra mile to make sure every student in her classroom is successful is one reason why Kristin Boylan is this month's Feature a Teacher from Jackson Local Schools. She teaches first grade at Amherst Elementary School. Working with her class throughout the school year, Boylan is also dedicated to raising her own children, triplet sons who are 2 years old.
    One of her teaching goals is to keep her students excited about coming to school every day and to keep them excited about learning. Boylan was born and raised in Jackson Township. She loves her community, her school and her job.
    Home: Boylan lives in Jackson Township.
    Family: Is married to husband Greg and they have three sons (triplets), Anderson, Jack and Will. The family has two dogs, Buddy and Sam. Boylan's mother and father, Marcia and Bill Shearer and a sister, Cara Zehnder still live close.
    Teaching position: This is Boylan's 10th year teaching for Jackson Local Schools. This was her first teaching job right out of college.
    Credentials: She graduated from Jackson High School in 1997, earned a bachelor's degree with a double major in elementary education and speech pathology from Baldwin Wallace and earned a master's degree in literacy from Ashland University.
    Role model: “My parents are my role models. They have taught me everything I know. My mom teaches kindergarten at Jackson Local and my dad is a retired principal from Canton City Schools. They have taught me how to be a good teacher, a wonderful parent and a good wife.”
    If I were a color, I'd be: “I'd be the color yellow because it reminds me of sunshine and happiness. And, I feel very blessed.”
    Music: Boylan loves all types of music.
    Memorable book: “The Shack” by William P. Young
    Favorite time of the year: Fall is Boylan's favorite time of the year because she feels that “God's artwork is so evident.”
    Favorite food: Pizza
    Three things 'to-do in this lifetime':
    1. Learn to ride horses. “My parents have two horses and I'd love to learn to ride them.”
    2. Travel
    3. Be a blessing to others.
    A take your breath away moment: “When I found out I was expecting triplets was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I felt blessed and our miracle babies are the best blessings in our lives.”
    Aha moment that changed his life: “I have aha moments daily because I get to witness kids learning to read. Every day I have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child.”
    Page 2 of 2 - Three words that she would use to describe
    1. Happy
    2. Blessed
    3. Content
    Most creative when: Working with her co-workers is when Boylan feels most creative.
    “Working with my teammates brings out my creative side.”
    I really wish I knew how to: “I'd like to be a better cook. My husband is an amazing cook and takes care of most of the cooking. I can't even compete with him.”
    Typical day: “The best part of my typical day is when I get to learn something from my students. Plus, the glimmer I get to see in their eyes when they 'get it' is priceless.”
    Final comments: “My own passion for wanting to learn to ride horses goes along with how kids want to learn to read. It reminds me that learning to ride is out of my comfort zone and learning to read is out of the kids' comfort zones. I understand that in all due time things happen. It takes time and patience. It acts as a reminder for me how tough it is to learn to read and it makes me more aware of the other challenges of learning kids face.
    “I want to foster a nurturing, caring environment that will drive learning. I love my job. I love what I do and waking up every day and getting to do this job is a blessing. My goal every single day is to make sure every child in my classroom is successful whether a student needs to work in small groups or needs individual support.”

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