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  • Green Junior ROTC given three-year extension by Air Force

  • The Green Junior ROTC program was given a three-year extension after its recent evaluation by the Air Force earlier this spring.

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  • The Green Junior ROTC program was given a three-year extension after its recent evaluation by the Air Force earlier this spring.
    The program experienced difficulties in enrollment but a concerted effort helped raise the class roster.
    The recent evaluation found that the unit was fulfilling its allotted mission and recommended the three year extension.
    "It is a great thing for the kids, a great thing for Green," said Green superintendent Mike Nutter.
    “They do a very nice job with the program and I am glad they got the three-year extension."
    “I was very excited about the ability to offer such a valuable program to our students." said Green Principal Cindy Brown.
    “I was very happy we were given the extension," said program head Captain David Welhouse.
    “The program has proven its worth to the school,” said Wellhouse. “It provides a unique opportunity kids in a special program that allows them to do things they do not get in other classes, such as character building, leadership development, communications and team building.”
    “The Air Force approved the extension because the school met its contractual requirements,” Welhouse said. “The inspecting colonel saw that the unit was doing a good job. It was cadet centered, with the students making decisions about how the corps is run. They have taken ownership and pride in the unit. We still have a ways to go with numbers, but I am excited that the school has bought into the program and sees the value of the program."
    “The three-year extension was a wonderful thing,” said Chief William Karasko. "It demonstrated the hard work of the kids. It now allows us to put into effect the plan to achieve the goals to be self sustaining. It also put the parents and kids at ease."
    “The inspection went very well,” he said, adding the inspecting colonel was very impressed by the ownership exhibited the cadet corps. “It is concentric to the kids, the kids run it.”
    He said it was the best he had ever seen, said Karasko.
    The extension was well received by the students.
    “I think it was very good,” said Abby Baehr. “The corps is a big part of my high school career. It really opened my eyes to a lot of things. It made me realize the things I am more capable of, and has given me the courage to pursue them.”
    “This is a good idea,” said Rachael Rininger. “A lot of people learn a lot of things. I have met a lot of friends here and have had a lot of fun. I have learned a lot about discipline and about respect for my family.”
    “I am glad it is still here,” said Kris Payne. “It is a good experience, I have learned about the basic military. I have also learned about leadership and taking charge. I have become more confident in what I do because of ROTC.”
    Page 2 of 2 - “I was very happy to hear about the extension so my little brother can join,” said Txhim Vue. “I like all the people in the program. You own up to your responsibility, stop acting like a child, and are more of an adult.”
    Anyone interested in finding out more about the Junior ROTC program can contact the school office at 1-330-896-7575, or contact the ROTC instructors at welhousedavid@greenlocalschools.org or karaskowilliam@greenlocalschools.org.

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