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  • What I Do: Margie Stocker stimulates the entire body through the feet

  • Reflexology is a part-time pursuit for Margie Stocker. As a business development manager at EBSCO TeleServices, she acquires clients and negotiates contracts for Ohio call centers.

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  • There’s a common misconception about reflexology.
    “A lot of people think it’s a massage to make your feet feel better,” said Margie Stocker, a certified reflexologist based in Canton. “It feels great, but it’s so much more than that. Reflexology stimulates the entire body.”
    Some clients at Stocker’s home studio are seeking simple stress reduction. Others seek treatment due to diabetes, sleeping problems, peripheral neuropathy and side effects of chemotherapy. She also treats children with ADD.
    Reflexology is a part-time pursuit for Stocker. As a business development manager at EBSCO TeleServices, she acquires clients and negotiates contracts for Ohio call centers.
    “Reflexology is in a completely different direction,” she said. “I love that diversity.” She spent five months training at the Reflexology Certification Institute in Avon, Ohio.
    Q. What drew you to reflexology?
    A. “Being the youngest of six, I found myself giving lots of shoulder and foot rubs to my siblings and parents. They loved it and so did I. Still do. Plus, after years of playing basketball and being a musician, my hands and fingers are the perfect fit for this type of therapy.”
    Q. Can you explain reflexology in 100 words or less?
    A. “Reflexology is a science based on the principle that there are reflex areas on the feet and hands that correspond to all of the organs, glands, and parts of the body. It is a dry, non-invasive compression technique using the thumb and fingers on those reflex areas. The body’s nervous system is being stimulated, blood flow is increased, lymphatic flow is increased. Your entire body is balancing itself to enhance our own healing cycle.”
    Q. Describe a reflexology session.
    A. “You’ll come to my private studio. The room is dimly lit, and calming music helps reduce stress right away. Off go your shoes and socks and you’ll lie back in a very comfortable lounge chair, which raises your feet slightly above your heart. I like to start with two to three minutes on each hand, then work intently on each foot, then end with a menthol deep-rub massage on each foot. You’ll relax and rest; some people have gone to sleep.”
    Q. How much does it cost?
    A. “I keep things simple at $1 per minute. Most sessions run 60 minutes but I’ll do 45- and 30-minute sessions, too. If I’m at an event I’ll do a straight $1 per minute so people can try it. I’ve loved doing the Canton Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings. I cannot believe the interest people have in bettering their health without the use of drugs.”

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