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Welcome to Eye on Sports, a blog written by various community members on local sports events. Our current blogger is Amy Barnabi, who will be touching on a variety of topics. She teaches grades 6-7-8 at Claymont Schools. She has her BS in Elementary ...
Eye on Sports
Welcome to Eye on Sports, a blog written by various community members on local sports events. Our current blogger is Amy Barnabi, who will be touching on a variety of topics. She teaches grades 6-7-8 at Claymont Schools. She has her BS in Elementary Education from the University of Akron and her Master’s Degree in Educational Media Design and Technology from Full Sail University. Her sports background includes coaching girls’ basketball at Claymont, Malvern, and Triway, as well as a decorated high school athlete at Claymont 1985-1989 (volleyball, basketball). She attended the University of Akron as a Division 1 student-athlete, participating in women’s basketball. She will be coaching eighth grade girls’ basketball at Claymont this winter. She has had numerous articles posted in various magazines and online blogs. She lives in Dennison with her husband, Michael, and their two sons Ryan and Nate. Our previous bloggers have been Darryl Shankle and Jim Riley. Shankle, a high school Language Arts teacher at Dover, has been a familiar face around the sports scene for a while. He was the head boys basketball coach at Sandy Valley from 1997-99 and has served stints as a varsity assistant at Dover and Central Catholic. He’s also worked as a baseball coach at the freshman, JV and varsity levels. For the last four years, he’s been the eighth-grade girls basketball coach at Dover and he’s worked as a baseball umpire for the last eight. Riley was a head basketball coach for 20 years, 12 of which were at Claymont High. He also spent 15 years as the AD at Claymont.
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By Andrew Adam
Feb. 6, 2012 12:01 a.m.

One does not amass a massive gaming collection without spending some money.

But it sure does help to buy games on sale to keep the hobby from being too expensive.

Over the years I have used several different methods to get as many games as I could with the little money I've had. Buying used before Gamestop made that not a cheap endevaor. eBay was great for years until they decided everything that is shipped will cost $8 or more, making that $5 item you just bought not seem so much of a steal.

Now I rely on a number of websites to let me know when things go on sale. Beyond Amazon, which seems to have things 50% off all the time, there are several sites to find cheap video games (and other stuff too if you want. Slickdeals.net allows users to submit sales and they are favorited to the front page. Google's "shopping" feature actually does a nice job of finding the cheapest place that sales any item. For a video game specific version of that, there is now gamepric.es which works well and can alert you via email when a game you want hits a certain price point. There are too many twitter accounts to mention worth following that can lead you to deals as well.

So why bring this up? Well, I've been looking for a second controller for my Playstation 3. I have Little Big Planet 2, which is a good game to play with the wife. But PS3 controllers are $60. I'd get into how much of a rip off that is, but that's a whole different topic. Well, today Best Buy decided to have a heck of a sale. Get a Move controller (normally $100), with Resistance 3 ($40) and Killzone 3 ($40) and a big gun accesory  ($3) all for $60!

I saw this early in the morning, but it was already sold out online. No problem, I'll just go to the store at 11 a.m. when it opens. I get there at 11:15, and they are already sold out. OK, so there was also a deal for Move, the gun accessory and Goldeneye for $70. Yes, I know, the deal with only one game cost more than the deal with two games. Silly - but also sold out. I got sad until the Best Buy Employee pointed out they still had another bundle on sale. I could get the Move controller, big gun and JUST Resistance 3 for $80. Yes folks, I could have gotten Resistance 3 AND Killzone 3 for $60, but take out Killzone and I have to play $20 more. Something tells me someone screwed up their sale prices, but whatever.

I thought about it, and decided the deal was still worth it. So head home and enjoy my new game and controller, right? Heck no. I went straight to The Exchange, a competitor of Game Stop here in Northeast Ohio. Why? To sell Resistance 3 and that big gun. I really didn't want the game, or the gun. Just the controller. So I traded them in for store credit, getting $28 back. In other words, I just picked up a second PS3 controller for less than $60 AND I have $28 to put toward something else.

In fact, I have $54 in store credit thanks to Black Friday when I bought the PS3. It was on sale that morning, $200 for the PS3, Little Big Planet and Rachet and Clank. I didn't want Ratchet and Clank, so I sold that for $26. What I do want is MLB The Show 12, which comes out March 6. I can pick it up next month and pay the $10 difference only.

So for those following along at home, I'll end up spending about $95 for a Move controller and MLB The Show. Normally I'd have to pay $160 new for the two combined. And that my friends is how you save yourself some money.


And totally unrelated to video games, but just finished watching Super Bowl XLVI. Watching the New York Giants - or any New York team for that matter - win a championship makes me sick. I'll be thinking of Eli Manning the next time I'm killing people in Call of Duty, that's for sure.

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