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  • This is a storm that Jackson will weather

  • The issue: Videotaping in Jackson locker room

    Our view: Schools always have been center of community

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  • The issue: Videotaping in Jackson locker room
    Our view: Schools always have been center of community
    Jackson High School students, their parents and the community as a whole are still reeling from revelations that a coach has videotaped dozens of students as they showered in the boys locker room.
    The shock, anger and fury that Jackson residents are feeling are shared by many of us in Stark County.
    The span of this disgusting invasion of children’s privacy — by the coach’s own admission, it occurred over eight years — is one of the most unnerving parts of this heartbreaking, infuriating situation.
    But it has been clear from the beginning that this is a storm that the Jackson community will weather.
    Former freshman basketball coach Scott D. Studer’s admission, his resignation and the fact that he is in custody remove some of the worry and uncertainty that are inseparable from situations involving crimes against children.
    Beyond that, to their great credit, school officials have taken the lead in rallying the community around the children and keeping everyone informed as best they can.
    High school Principal Monica Myers reinforced these commitments when she spoke to students Friday, saying “Everyone is pulling together as we try to make sense out of this terrible invasion of privacy. We will continue to provide you with as much information as we can, when we can.” Jackson Township police have been open and accessible, as well.
    The investigations by police and the U.S. Postal Service are just beginning. There may be more revelations to come, and we pray they won’t involve more than videotaping.
    In the meantime, it’s good to remember that the schools have always been the heart of this community.
    If there is one thing that won’t be a challenge for Jackson residents in the weeks ahead, it is uniting around their children.

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