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  • St. Michael students tackle winter’s blues

  • At the beginning of March, Stark Countians are ready for spring.

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  • St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School teacher Kara Stuhlmiller used our callout as extra credit for her classes. Here’s what the kids emailed in:
    Jane Anderson, 13: There are many ways to help you and your family avoid cabin fever. Something’s I like doing with my family is going on walks or bike rides to meet up with close friends. Instead of having your head in your phone go outside and take in the fresh air.
    Abigaile Morrow, 13: My family and I beat cabin fever by renting a movie and settling down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn. We watch the movie as a family and it usually passes a couple of hours from a boring day!
    Peyton White, 13: When the weather is bright and sunny, there's always pressure on kids to get outdoors and be active. I, personally, try to make the winter last; I can get away with sitting on the couch and reading a good book!
    Amelia Kaeberlein, 12: During this time of the year, when snow is falling and it is bitter cold outside, I like to stay in and watch television with hot cocoa. I think it is a good way to spend some time with your family! This is what I do to beat cabin fever.
    Patrick Scheatzle, 13: One of my favorite ways to beat cabin fever and stay occupied on a snowy day is to go outside and play snow football with my brothers. My mom always has hot chocolate and cookies for us when we come in.
    Stone Sirpilla, 13: I would tell my family to get up and do something fun. Play board games like Sorry! You can also play guessing games too or have a fun movie night! There are so many fun things to do to keep us busy!
    Alexis Niemi, 12: I think with it being winter all different families that are stuck in the house grow with each other. What my family does is we do activities that we all love to do! One of are favorite things to do is probably skiing because we all love to do it! I think my advice to all the families who don't know what to do would be to have fun with each other and enjoy each others company.
    Chloe Dobbins, 13: As much as I love the winter season with its white snow, snowmen, and snow angels, it can get really cold out there! This is a great time to use for bonding with your family and friends doing whatever you all enjoy during the time you spend huddled inside.
    Readers respond
    Jill A. Zepp, Akron: Lots of Alcohol!
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    @AranDeibel: Get a week long project on the Mojave Desert. I did:-)
    @brownbikephoto: go fishing. It's a killer time of year to fish rivers and spillways.
    Karen Charette Kreger: Bird feeding and watching.
    Theresa Mullen: Spontaneous road trip to Cleveland or Columbus for the day - shopping and good food.
    Alice Tope: I just dance the night away, of course. Dancing takes the jitter out of jitterbug!
    Barbara Ross: I keep my kids busy with dance, martial arts, Christian flag team, overnights, skating dates, chores, reading...oh, and a little thing we like to call, academic excellence.

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