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  • Email scam using BBB name pops up again

  • The Better Business Bureau is advising companies be cautious because an email scam that uses the BBB name has popped again.   


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  • The Better Business Bureau is advising companies to be cautious because an email scam that uses the BBB name has popped up again.
    The email claims to notify the recipient of a complaint filed with the BBB about their business. The email mimics a format used by the agency, which might persuade some recipients to believe it’s real.
    Recipients should note, however, that the messages are filled with grammatical errors and misspelled words.
    The email refers the recipient to an online form that appears to have a BBB address. But the link actually connects to a website that downloads a virus to your computer.
    “Unfortunately, this happens all of the time and to several organizations and individuals, i.e. the FBI, IRS, your bank, Internet service provider, best friend ...” said Amanda Tietze, vice president of public relations for the BBB. “Even for someone with a trained eye in Internet or email misbehavior, if caught off guard, these scams can reel them in.”
    The BBB is working with a deactivation service to take down the websites that are spreading the virus. Tietze said the BBB has reported the incident to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.
    For the past year the BBB system has been the victim of a phishing email scam that is operated by hackers located outside of the United States. The BBB and federal authorities are able to shut down the websites within days of the original attacks, but the emails re-appear using new websites within a few weeks.
    Consumers and businesses can contact the BBB at 1-800-362-0494 to verify any email that appears to come from the BBB.

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