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  • Todd Porter: Better than the Bucs? Browns have to prove it

  • Todd Porter doesn't want to hear the Browns say they are better than the Bucs. The Browns are going to win five, maybe six, games this year and they are going to find all kinds of ways to lose games like this in the fourth quarter.

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  • If I have to hear another Browns player talk about how much better the Browns are than the Buccaneers, I’m gonna find a way to screw this column up in the final two paragraphs like the Browns play football games on Sundays.
    C’mon. Better than Tampa? Is that some sort of statement?
    You’re better than the worst team in the NFL? You’re better than the worst team in the NFL that you couldn’t beat?
    That was the tune Josh Cribbs was singing. In Cribbs’ defense, he would be optimistic about walking the plank, “Hey, it’s hot out there, might as well go for a dip.”
    This is what Browns fans have signed up for this year. They are who we thought they were after the first week. And it could get oh so much uglier from here.
    Eric Mangini and Mike Holmgren are trying to turn over the roster and bring in their system guys. Jake Delhomme? He’s a stand-in until they find the guy. In the meantime, the Browns are going to win five, maybe six, games this year and they are going to find all kinds of ways to lose games like this in the fourth quarter.
    Not many people expected Cleveland to lose to Tampa Bay, though. If the Browns don’t win next week’s home opener against Kansas City, Mangini might not make it to the end of the season. An 0-2 start very likely could lead to an — do we really want to think about this? — 0-9 start.
    OK, I’ll shut up now.
    Hey, Brownies … did you see what Derek Anderson did in Arizona?
    Old pal DA threw for almost 300 yards in a win against the Rams. OK, the Rams aren’t Tampa Bay … wait a minute, yes they are.
    Nice to see Anderson playing well.
    How many weeks before Browns fans try to run Delhomme out of town. Maybe that’s why Holmgren didn’t exactly give fans a backup to fall in love with. You really want Seneca Wallace or Colt McCoy now?
    Don’t be surprised if Massillon starts neither Brody Tonn nor Kyle Kempt at quarterback and head coach Jason Hall goes with the Wildcat package and Devin Smith.
    Either that or Hall is floating the idea out there to make sure Mentor has to prepare for everything.
    Hall said he would decide on a quarterback based on practice this week and which one takes care of the ball the best.
    Here’s hoping Jim Luther from Lake and McKinley’s Elijah Farrakhan make it back on the field this season. Both suffered ugly knee injuries in the game Saturday night.
    Page 2 of 2 - Bulldogs head coach Ron Johnson sounded more optimistic than Lake head coach Jeff Durbin. Neither coach said much, but it was the tone of their voices. Durbin said Luther’s knee injury did not look good, and he didn’t put any time on when  — or if — Luther could return.
    James Madison upset the apple cart — hehehe — and ruined Boise State’s season as well as soiled Virginia Tech’s reputation. James Madison made less than $150,000 on its football program last year. VaTech hauled in nearly $10 million last year. By the way, according to reports, James Madison was paid $400,000 for the opportunity to upset Tech.
    Favorite Jim Tressel quote after the Miami win came when he was asked — or reminded — giving up a punt and kickoff return for a touchdown was an Ohio State first. “I’ll add that to my memoirs,” Tressel said. “Thanks for bringing that up.”
    Tressel is heavily involved in OSU’s special teams, which have been bad since the Rose Bowl.
    In case linebackers and defensive backs from Green and Massillon high schools were wondering, the number of that train that ran them over the last two weeks was No. 25 ... or Bri’onte Dunn.