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  • Romney not a friend to middle class

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  • During the demonstrations against Senate Bill 5 a couple of years ago, Mitt Romney was in Columbus standing shoulder to shoulder with Gov. John Kasich and backing him all the way. This bill affected middle-class worker ranks of firemen, policemen, EMTs, teachers and others.
    But the public overwhelmingly voted against SB5. We are the middle class, we are not the enemy, and Romney and Kasich have shown that they are not friends of the middle class.
    Kasich slashed state funding to towns, municipalities and education to balance the budget. Cleveland schools are in a sorry state, and Akron schools are hurting as well. Kasich balanced his budget by causing layoffs in Columbus and throughout the state. Even Republican mayors had to admit that they were left foundering and city services were compromised. How quickly people forget, and now Mitt Romney touts the same, and the middle class is the target again.
    In all the criticism of Barrack Obama’s stimulus plan, it has been forgotten that quite a few policemen and firemen jobs around Ohio were brought back by that legislation after Kasich’s budget cuts. Every effort on the part of the federal agencies to create jobs is thwarted by the Kasich, just like every effort to create manufacturing jobs is thwarted by Bain Capitol and others like it that take advantage of NAFTA.
    There is no quick fix for the economy after the Bush years’ recession. After the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt served nearly four terms and was still working on the economy, yet people expect Obama to fix it in four years.
    But to look to Romney as friend to the middle class is a false hope. Many are forgetting that he was reluctant to release his tax statements like Kasich, backed SB5 with Kasich, and he was the CEO of Bain Capitol.
    Teresa Reno, Akron

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