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  • Springfield BOE ‘tuned’ into vibration issue

  • Springfield Board of Education believes it has found solution to vibrating floors issue in the newly built school.

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  • Springfield is tuning in to solutions.
    During a special session July 1, the Springfield Board of Education met in executive session to conference with the district's attorneys regarding vibrations in the floors of the new school building. Following the executive session, the board voted to purchase tuned mass dampers which, district officials say, will alleviate the vibrations in the floors.
    The board approved the purchase after passing a resolution declaring an urgent necessity, which waives competitive bidding.
    “These dampers, when installed, will mitigate the vibration issues we are experiencing in the (new school) building,” Superintendent William Stauffer said.
    Stauffer also said they are working on a solution for fixing the cracks in the floors.”
    Tuned mass dampers are designed to absorb vibrations from a structure or machine and are tuned to the vibration frequency of individual structures. Those used in Springfield would be tuned especially to absorb the vibrations felt in the new building.
    Tuned mass damper devices are often attached to the structure using a spring. They are light-weight structures that do not add weight to the floor beams.

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