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  • Push pops are summer’s new dessert idea

  • Move over, cupcakes and cake pops. It looks like the trendy new dessert this summer will be push pops.

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  • Move over, cupcakes and cake pops. It looks like the trendy new dessert this summer will be push pops.
    Sometimes called push-up pops, cake push pops or treat pops, push pops are cake and frosting layered in clear, round plastic molds. Each mold has a stick on bottom and a flat circle that pushes the dessert up as you eat it from the top. Guests get their own individual desserts.
    "They make a dramatic presentation," said Wendee Holmes, a Springfield, Ill., retail clerk who received push-pop molds as a gift last Christmas. "There are acrylic stands for them that you can buy, but for a birthday party I just pushed the sticks into Styrofoam that I had painted with stars. It was so pretty."
    Push pops can be made with an endless variety of color and flavor combinations. You can layer white angel food cake with blue raspberry or pink lemonade frosting. Carrot and red velvet cake pair well with cream cheese frosting. Chocolate cake tastes good with either peanut butter or cherry frosting.
    For her daughter's fifth birthday party, Holmes layered pink icing with white cake that she had tinted purple. The top was garnished with multi-colored candy sprinkles.
    Cake and icing aren't the only ingredients that can be layered in push-pop molds. Instead of frosting, try whipped cream, yogurt, ice cream or gelatin. Rather than cake, layer mini muffins or rounds cut from croissants.
    "It does take a little bit of work. I made my push pops a few days ahead of the birthday party and put them in the freezer. I pulled them out the day of the party," Holmes said.
    • Cut out the cake with a round cookie cutter slightly smaller than the push-pop mold.
    • For uniform cake depth, use either cake baked in mini muffin tins or bake a shallow sheet cake.
    • Know that moist cake will gum up the inside of the mold as you slide the cake in. Use fluffy cake so you don't have to keep wiping the inside of the mold, or freeze the cake rounds before assembling.
    • Use a pastry bag to swirl the icing into the mold for a professional look.

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