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  • How much do you know about Stark County?

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  • 1. How big is Stark County?
    A. 437 square miles
    B. 576 square miles
    C. 711 square miles
    2. How much of Stark County is cropland?
    A. 25 percent
    B. 33 percent
    C. 43 percent
    3. How much of Stark County is covered in forests?
    A. 18 percent
    B. 39 percent
    C. 51 percent
    4. How many Stark County households depend on ground water for their water supply?
    A. 66 percent
    B. 82 percent
    C. 93 percent
    5. Ohio has more than 100 natural lakes that are 5 acres or larger. How many natural lakes that size does Stark County have?
    A. 2
    B. 6
    C. 11
    6. On average, what are the coldest and warmest months in Stark County?
    A. January and July
    B. January and August
    C. February and July
    7. What are the highest and lowest recorded temperatures in Stark County?
    A. 102 degrees and minus 30 degrees
    B. 104 degrees and minus 25 degrees
    C. 107 degrees and minus 31 degrees
    8. On average, what’s the wettest month?
    A. March
    B. May
    C. November
    9. How far above sea level is the highest point in Stark County?
    A. 882 feet
    B. 1,118 feet
    C. 1,352 feet
    10. Stark County is home to one of the 10 Ohio trees listed on the national Big Tree Registry for 2011-2012. What kind of tree is it?
    A. Rock elm (ulmus thomasii)
    B. Red maple (acer rubrum)
    C. Cucumber tree (magnolia acuminata)
    1. B. 576 square miles
    2. A. 25 percent
    3. B. 39 percent
    Here’s how the rest of the county looks: urban (residential/commercial/industrial) 22.46 percent; pasture 10.75 percent; open water, 0.84 percent; wetlands (wooded/herbaceous), 1.11 percent; bare/mines, 0.25 percent.
    4. C. 93 percent
    5. B. 6 lakes. They are:
    Meyers Lake, Canton Township, 134 acres
    Nobles Pond, Jackson Township, 5 acres
    Lake O’Pine (16 acres) and Congress Lake (200 acres), Lake Township, both enlarged
    Sippo Lake, Perry Township, 88 acres
    Unnamed lake, Plain Township, 9 acres
    6. A. January and July
    7. B. 104 degrees (1918) and minus 25 (1994)
    8. B. May
    9. C. 1,352 feet, northeast of Paris in Paris Township
    10. C. Cucumber tree. It’s in North Canton.
    SOURCES: Ohio Department of Development, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio State Extension, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, weather.com

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