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  • Steve King: Condition of Route 619 is historic

  • There’s a lot happening out there, and I want to talk about it all. So this week’s column is an unrelated collection of a little of this and a little of that.

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  • There’s a lot happening out there, and I want to talk about it all. So this week’s column is an unrelated collection of a little of this and a little of that.
    Remember reading in Ohio history classes in school about corduroy roads, or log roads, being used in centuries past? They were bumpy, but they got people to where they wanted to go.
    Local residents may be surprised to learn they have their own corduroy road. It’s called state Route 619.
    Drive westbound on the road approaching the traffic light at the Cottage Grove Road intersection in Green and the pavement is so uneven that it almost rattles your teeth right out of your head, and that’s not even mentioning what it does to your vehicle. The damage done to roads in this region each winter because of freezing and thawing has nothing to do with this problem. It’s been that bad the last couple of summers as well.
    Really, it’s a disgrace. It’s as bad of a major thoroughfare as we have in the area, and the eastbound portion of Route 619 from Cottage Grove Road to South Arlington Road is only slightly better.
    Maybe the state can erect one of those expensive “Your Highway Taxes at Work” signs there so we know exactly what we’re getting — or, in this case, not getting — with all the hard-earned money the government confiscates from us.
    While we’re on the subject of poor highway surfaces and bumpy rides, Manchester Road both north and south through Coventry Township and New Franklin ranks right up there, too. And this problem also existed long before winter.
    No flash in the pan, just flashy again
    There were probably some who thought the Lake High School girls basketball team would take a step backward this winter after they came out of nowhere last season and turned in the best performance in the program’s history. Not a chance. The Blue Streaks improved to 15-4 overall with a 58-43 non-league victory over Norton last Monday night and aren’t ready to stop there.
    Lake’s Henry Cobb is one of the best high school basketball coaches in Northeast Ohio. He took the job determined to build a consistent winner – not a program that would be up one year and down the next – and he’s doing just that. For two seasons now, Lake girls basketball has been one of the real feel-good stories in our area.
    The memories remain
    They’re gutting, dismantling and rebuilding an old, old home in our neighborhood. It’s been there for a long time, probably even when West Nimisila Road had a dirt surface and was used by more horses and buggies than Model Ts. An elderly woman lived there for decades but hasn’t been in the house for at least a year or so. She must have either passed away or went into a retirement home. That’s too bad.
    Page 2 of 2 - While what the workers are doing with the home looks very nice and will certainly give it new life with a new family, here’s hoping that they are also being respectful of the house’s history. There were no doubt a lot of memories tucked away in the wood of the rafters being pried apart and tossed into a big Dumpster.
    Kids grew up there, Thanksgiving dinners were cooked, Christmas presents were opened, flowers were planted and friends and family members came in and out the front door, greeting each other warmly.
    The house may have outlived its usefulness in the condition the workers found it when they started, but in its day, it was full of life. And keep in mind that what’s going on with that house will go on with all of our homes someday. It comes with the passage of years. Father Time catches up to – and eventually passes – every one of us.
    A lesson for the masses
    Former Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell was not voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton last weekend because, more than anything else, he didn’t tell the truth. He lied – any number of times – by moving the original Browns franchise to Baltimore after saying he wouldn’t, and now he – really, his survivors – are paying the stiff, stiff price for that by his not being a Hall of Famer.
    Honesty and doing the right thing are all we have at the very end, and if we don’t have that, then we have nothing. What people seem to fail to understand is that the truth doesn’t have to be a club with which we hit people over the head. It just has to be the truth, and when you speak it, whether the news is good or bad, the people you’re talking to appreciate the fact you’re being forthright.
    Eight is enough
    There was a recent report that the Principals Athletic Conference, of which Manchester is a member, may be looking to expand to a 10-team league after Northwest and Orrville applied for admission. The league has decided it wants to remain at eight schools, which is perfect for scheduling in football, and all the member schools have indicated they like the PAC-7 and have no plans of leaving it.