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  • Coventry superintendent, treasurer discuss Issue 4

  • The following article is from an interview with Coventry Superintendent Russell Chaboudy and Treasurer Aaron Butts.

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  • The following article is from an interview with Coventry Superintendent Russell Chaboudy and Treasurer Aaron Butts.
    Question: What is Issue 4?
    Answer: It is a bond issue that will be on the August 7th election for new buildings for Coventry schools
    Question:What is the cost of the bond issue?
    Answer: The bond will be for 5.99 mils. Total cost will be 39 million dollars over 34 years.
    Question: How is it broken down?
    Answer: 4.89 mils will be used for the bond and 1.1 mils will be used for Permanent Improvement Fund
    Question: Will the state contribute anything?
    Answer: Yes, the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission (OSFC) will provide 11 million dollars of the 39 million total
    Question: What will happen if the issue is not passed?
    Answer: The money is available for 12 months. After that it will be allocated to another school district if Coventry does not pass it.
    Question: What will this cost Coventry voters?
    Answer: The average home in Coventry is valued at $83,300. It would cost a homeowner an extra $12.73 a month.
    Question: How can a homeowner find out how much it will cost for their house?
    Answer: Contact the treasurer's office at www.coventryschools.org and locate the Levy Calculators section in the right hand column. There are two forms for under and over 65
    Question: What about senior citizens? Answer: If you are over 65 the cost would be about a third of that, $8.91 per month
    Question: What will the money be used for?
    Answer: It will be used to build a new high school at the site of Erwine, renovate the current high school into an elementary school, and upgrade the current middle school. it would also provide a Permanent Improvement Fund.
    Question: Would it allow laid off staff to be called back?
    Answer: No, the money can only be used for building and maintenance. But it would allow us to have the Permanent Improvement Fund so we would not have to use General Fund money for this type of outlay. That would allow us to use the general fund money to maintain staff.
    Question: What about the other buildings in the district?
    Answer: Eventually Turkeyfoot would be closed. Right now Lakewood is being rented out and we would eventually like to year down Cottage grove but need to deal with the asbestos problem.
    Question: What other areas would be dealt with?
    Answer: We would like to upgrade various athletic facilities if possible.
    Question: What is the significance of the "Red Dot" campaign?
    Answer: It signifies a new building. In the surrounding school districts there have been numerous new facilities build with OSFC funds. We want a “Red Dot” for Coventry.
    Page 2 of 2 - Question: How can people become more involved?
    Answer: There is a levy meeting every Monday night at the middle school Media Center at 7 p.m.
    Question: If people want more information how can they obtain it?
    Answer: The easiest way is to contact us at www.SupportCoventry.com, www.coventryschools.org or call the superintendent's office at 1-330-644-8489 or treasurer's office at 1-330-644-1435.

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