One of the things I enjoy most about working with my professional organizing and redesign clients here in Akron/Canton Ohio is the opportunity to teach them how to maximize the storage areas in their home.  Typically, clients underutilize the storage capacity in their closets, pantries, home offices, cupboards, and garages because they fail to “look up”.    A major tenet of organizing is to tap into the vertical spaces within a room in order to achieve storage nirvana.

In a walk-in closet, every square foot of empty wall is an opportunity to gain storage space.  For example, with the addition of some simple hooks, this area behind the door was now able to house the client’s collection of baseball caps, as well as some bulky bathrobes that were taking up valuable space on the clothing rack.

In the pantry and in other cupboards, going vertical can be easily accomplished by utilizing simple organizing products such as stacking shelves and baskets:


One of my favorite ways to magically create new storage capacity is to utilize the vertical space on the back of doors.  There are many options for turning this oft- neglected area into a handy repository for things…using overdoor hooks and shoe organizers, or one of the greatest organizing products of all time, the Container Store’s Elfa Pantry Door and Wall rack .  It’s not just for pantries!  I’ve used this product to increase storage space in kids’ bedrooms, craft rooms, laundry rooms, and even on the wall in a garage.  

Let us not omit the most obvious way to add vertical storage…shelving!  In this home office redesign, the homeowner was stacking items on the floor of this alcove.  We installed shelving to take advantage of the 9 feet of vertical wall space that was not being utilized.

In bathrooms, the water closet offers another great opportunity for going vertical with the installation of shelving above the toilet…

Finally, this home office redesign serves as the ultimate example of maximizing vertical space.  We just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to install built-in floor to ceiling bookcases.  A bit of an improvement over the  sad little bookcase in the BEFORE photo, don’t you think?

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