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  • Necole Sims: First day of school memories from a mother’s view

  • This time of year, schools have either started or are slated to begin next week. My daughter, Sarrah, began cosmetology classes Monday.

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  • This time of year, schools have either started or are slated to begin next week. My daughter, Sarrah, began cosmetology classes Monday.
    The thought that I am the mother of an almost 23-year-old amazes me. She is still my baby girl but also a grown woman with dreams and goals. Where did the time go?
    I sent a text to my oldest nephew asking if he remembered the first day of school.
    He came to live with us midway through his eighth grade year. Beginning with his ninth grade year, I tried to make his first day “memorable,” whether it was driving him to the bus stop then getting out to perform an MC Hammer-style dance or attempting to do a “yeah school!” cheer.
    One year, I ran around the house repeatedly screaming “time to get up for school” an hour earlier than they needed to be up. This led to a chorus of “are you serious?” followed by “don’t be lame.”
    I don’t think he has fond memories of his aunt acting like a lunatic on the dreaded first day of school.
    I remember Sarrah’s first day of kindergarten. She had been going to the school’s preschool program previously, so she was comfortable.
    That is, until picture day. Her best friend (name redacted) made the mistake of wearing the identical dress as Sarrah. What happened should have been a premonition of what was to be.
    As I stood outside her classroom door waiting to pick her up, Sarrah’s teacher met me in the hallway. My kid had an issue with her best friend’s attire and decided to change it up. The outfits were a light denim overall dress with a yellow flower. That’s how Sarrah’s looked at the end of the day. Her friend’s dress was missing the flower.
    I was embarrassed and angry. When I got Sarrah in the car, I asked her why she pulled the little girl’s flower off her dress. Sarrah looked me straight in the eyes and said “she said we were twins now. I don’t want a twin. She shouldn’t have worn that dress.” The incredulous look on her face made it almost impossible not to laugh.
    Boy am I glad it didn’t happen in this day in age. I might have had to go to the police station to pick her up.
    I still have that photo. When I look at it, I laugh now. She was such a tiny spitfire.
    As Sarrah got older, she had three wishes. One was that school wouldn’t start around her birthday (Aug. 25); two, that I would give her a sibling. Her third wish was for me to give her a stepdad.
    Page 2 of 2 - So far she is 0 for 3. I don’t see that changing.
    These days, she is still asking for a stepdad and sibling. The difference is, she tells everyone, especially our friends at church. If she can convince Idris Elba to come to Canton and marry me, it’s a deal, baby and all. In the meanwhile, I’ll always have memories of the cute little denim romper with the yellow flower.

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