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  • King's View, Best week of the summer

  • Make no mistake about it, this is the best week of the summer in these parts.

    It’s Fourth of July week, which is special everywhere in this country, but especially so – extraordinarily so – here.

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  • Make no mistake about it, this is the best week of the summer in these parts.
    It’s Fourth of July week, which is special everywhere in this country, but especially so – extraordinarily so – here.
    There’s the annual Portage Lakes Boat Parade and tonight’s fireworks show over Turkeyfoot Lake that always knocks everybody’s socks off. If you walk away from that fireworks extravaganza disappointed, then it’s your own fault, or you’re looking for something that doesn’t exist, or you’re hard to please, or you’re just plain crabby.
    There’s a reason why about 50,000 come annually to watch the summer evening sky light up again and again and again. It’s a great show, and a long one. You can’t help but be impressed.
    This is our community’s chance to shine – really shine.
    Oh, sure, we have opportunities to shine every day all year long, and we do. That’s part of the reason why our community has grown, and continues to grow.
    But it is times like this week, when so much is going on in such a relatively short period and we have so many visitors, that we can win over not just individuals here and there, but rather large groups of people in one fell swoop. They’re all going to be here. We just need to please them.
    And we will. We always have. That’s why they keep coming back.
    There are certain places in this region where people go throughout the year depending on the occasion – Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day and so on and so forth.
    But on the Fourth of July, they come here, because here is where it’s happening.
    Situated about halfway through the calendar year, this is summertime’s version of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Whereas that’s the time for people, families and friends to gather after winter has arrived and we’ve reached the end of another year, the Fourth of July is the time to get together when summer is in full swing and we’re so far from the last Christmas and New Year’s holidays, and from the next Christmas and New Year’s holidays as well, that we can’t see either one.
    Which is pretty good – pretty cool.
    Just as we tend to get a slight feeling of depression when the Christmas and New Year’s holidays are over and we’ve moved on to a part of the year that’s a lot less festive, celebratory and fun, so it is, too, with the Fourth of July. There’s not another holiday until Labor Day. By that time, school will be back in session and summer will be over for all intents and purposes even though it won’t officially end until Sept. 21.
    Page 2 of 2 - So you had better take advantage of it. Before we know it, this week will be over, and after that, summer will start fading away, slowly but surely.
    This week is a time to put work, responsibilities and cares and worries aside for a while, and get outside, kick back and enjoy yourself. There are all kinds of things to do this week, but for some people, the best and most enjoyable thing to do is to do absolutely nothing, and to be very good at it.
    If we see someone – or, more probably, a lot of someones – this week we don’t recognize, make sure to smile and say hello to them. Welcome them to the area – our area. They are our guests, and we absolutely need to put our best foot forward so they’ll come back.
    Remember that first impressions last. Along with a lot of return visitors, there will also be a lot of first-timers here this week – people who, a couple months ago, maybe couldn’t find our area on a map if their lives depended on it.
    If they have a good time and encounter friendly people who treat them like they’re special, they’ll be back.
    And if they don’t, they won’t.
    It’s that simple.
    In the process, make sure that you have a good time, too. That’s what this week – the best week of the summer, bar none – is for.
    Happy Fourth of July.

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