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  • Letter to the Editor, Regarding traffic lights in New Franklin

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  • I noticed, in the June 17 edition of the Suburbanite, that Mayor Bollas brought up the issue of traffic light replacement. According to the mayor, it will cost about $100,000 per intersection, and they plan to replace five intersections; a total of about $500,000. The mayor’s excuse for the expenditure is that "they're just outdated lights." Really? We are going to spend half a million dollars replacing lights that work just fine, but are outdated? Is there some other issue that I am not aware of?
    Do our current lights require constant maintenance or do they contribute to a large number of accidents?
    Even worse than replacing perfectly good, if a little old, lights is that New Franklin will be applying for a grant to pay for the expenditure. We will be using other people's money to pay for our new traffic lights. If the people of New Franklin had to pay the full cost, does anyone doubt that they would demand an answer as to why they were being asked to come up with a half million dollars? Since it’s other people’s money, we don’t ask too many questions.
    This is one of the worst fallacies in government: that someone else is paying for all of our “free” services. Where do people think this “free” money comes from? It comes from us and our neighbors in the form of taxes and fees. Would we be very happy if we found out our taxes were going to fix the roads in Green, or for new stop signs in Norton? Of course not, but whoever paid for our grant is paying for new traffic lights in New Franklin.
    Josh Rawdon
    New Franklin

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