City of Green

 Shelley A. McGonigal from Mark J. Todd, 4692 Bali Dr., $153,000  Timothy J. & Tonya A. Tate from Drees Homes, 1258 Bexley Circle, $198,500  Joseph P. & Tiffany C. Bertilacci from Gold Seal Construction Co. Inc., 4348 Folkstone Circle, $265,000  Michael D. Fluty from Norman H. Ward, 4740 Mayfair Road, $149,900  Nicole Gareri from Tina M. Palmeri, 2511 Royal County Down Dr., $72,500  Aimee M. Christie from Janis K. Mittelstaedt, 2540 Royal County Down Dr., $74,000  Michael & Nicole Marchese from Ryan Homes, 4035 Donegal Circle, $238,340  City of Green from Edward A. Thur, 4310 Massillon Road, $180,000  Walter N. Galvin from Stanley M. & Michelle M. Drake, 2158 Auberry Dr., $98,100  Chris & Kimberly Griffin from Primo A. & Julie A. Martinez, 6287 Caribou Dr., $275,000

Coventry Township

 Matthew R. Quinn from Keith W. Szakal, 3880 Monte View Dr., $91,500  John A. & Vivian M. Harig from Alfred Stucky, 249 Oak Grove Dr., $185,000  Rebecca Boylen from Rosemarie Davis, 243 Portage Lakes Dr. #E, $97,000  Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. from Jefferson A. McBride, 959-965 Portage Lakes Dr., $88,000  David Powell from Alma P. Lake, 2115 S. Plaza Dr., $77,000

City of New Franklin

 Jeffrey R. Meighen from Cynthia S. Henry, 4208 Hunsicker Dr., $158,000  Winston S. & Adrienn E. Anderson from Cynthia S. Henry, 425 Kirk Ave., $38,000  David E. & Pamela S. Davis from Joy L. Lott, 2024 W. Nimisila Rd., $297,000  James D. Reedy from Barry T. & Juanita M. Davis, 25 Mount Pleasant Road, $75,000

Springfield Township

 Bryan L. Chidester from Phillip A. Sudia, 656 Neal Dr., $75,000  Susan M. Gorey from Kevin M. Powell, 2577 Pine Lake Trail, $292,000  Federal National Mortgage Association from Sheriff of Summit County, 3265 Avis Road, $70,000  Kenneth & Emma Knight from Federal National Mortgage Association, 512 Broadview Road, $80,000  James R. Bittner from Beth M. Bittner, 520 Ewart Road, $57,000  First Place Bank from Sheriff of Summit County, 2277 Howard Lane, $84,000  Key Bank from Sheriff of Summit County, 1738 Krumroy Road, $82,000

Lakemore Village

 Chris & Sara Lambert from Eric Baldridge, 2285 Elmer St., $80,000

Lake Township

 Ian M. and Brianna L. Cunningham from Ingrid D. Fout, 3396 Smith Kramer St. NE, $135,000.  Marc A. Lord from Holly S. Knapp, 3255 Shepherd St. NW, $211,000.  Darrell Doerschuk from Patricia A. Andreadis, 9716 Brown Ave. NW, $52,000.  Kevin M. Everett from Rachel E. Bartram, 3950 Carl St. NW, $117,300.  Ronald and Josephine H. Giacomo from Guardian Property Management, 1115 St. Abigail St. SW, $219,900.  Rita M. Giacomo from Guardian Property Management, 1111 St. Abigail St. SW, $224,900.