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  • Necole Sims: It’s all about family, football, food and shopping

  • Today is a day when so many of us get together with our families, enjoy each other’s company and reminisce. My family is no exception.

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  • Today is a day when so many of us get together with our families, enjoy each other’s company and reminisce. My family is no exception.
    This afternoon, about 20 family members will descend upon the Sims homestead for food, laughter and new memories.
    OK, get real. The true Thanksgiving activities are overeating, watching the NFL games and planning our big Black Friday outings.
    At 40, I have watched, sometimes in great pain, the Detroit Lions get decimated on Thanksgiving for years. The last few years, they have improved and the games haven’t been that bad. However, their loser mentality hasn’t changed and they suffer for it.
    Last year, I watched them go from playoff contender to playground bully in one Thanksgiving game. They never recovered.
    It’s sad but it is fun watching.
    I won’t predict how they’ll do against the Houston Texans today. We will also get to watch the Washington Redskins against the Dallas Cowboys this afternoon and the New England Patriots against the New York Jets tonight. These games will be lively and definitely must-see TV.
    Tom Brady, the Patriots’ quarterback, seems to have a close-to-perfect life and not a care in the world. I hope he loses big-time tonight.
    Last year, my family had two sets of circulars going around our living room. There were people yelling across the room asking if others saw the sale at this store or that store.
    Somehow, through all the cross-talk, we were able to map out our game plans. We were all well-oiled machines; we could have shown the Browns a proper offensive strategy. Even the people who wouldn’t be caught dead Black Friday shopping got swept up in it. I almost convinced my mom to join us, but her common sense prevailed and she stayed in bed.
    For those of you reading this and saying to yourselves, “she is crazy for going out in that madness,” or “I’d never go to any store at that time of day for a bargain,” hear me out.
    I know every year there are stories of violence — everything from vandalism to the lady who sprayed fellow line-sitters with Mace over a video game console. We listen to the live reports on the radio and if something seems completely out of control, then we avoid that store.
    Remember, there isn’t a thing in that store so important you should risk life and limb to get.
    This very full day is what I call a perfect one. Quality time spent with the family, great food to eat, sports and shopping.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
    I hope the day brings you peace, joy and family-togetherness. May this day also bring you good sales and good times.

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