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  • Walsh's Wycinski back in class. recovering from brain injury

  • After suffering a serious brain injury and undergoing two surgeries, Walsh University football player Brett Wycinski is back on campus.


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  • This is the life Brett Wycinski fought to return to.
    He enjoys the camaraderie of friends and teammates. He goes to class. He walks around campus on a mild January day and sees green grass emerge from the melting snow.
    After suffering a serious brain injury during a football scrimmage that required two surgeries, Wycinski is back at Walsh University, leading a normal life at last. His first day was Jan. 4.
    “It was awesome just getting back to my life,” Wycinski said. “Getting back in the swing of things with school, football and my friends was good for me.”
    Wycinski had surgery to remove part of his skull to relieve pressure on the brain after the Aug. 18 injury.
    He spent three weeks in Mercy Medical Center’s intensive care unit and underwent outpatient therapy twice a week after he was released from the hospital.
    A second surgery to replace the part of Wycinski’s skull which was removed took place the day after Thanksgiving. He was home the following Monday.
    “From after my surgery until I came back to school, I took it easy and just tried to give that thing time to heal before I started running or lifting,” Wycinski said. “I tried to be cautious with everything I did and make sure everything healed correctly.”
    Doctors told Wycinski his second surgery would require a four-to-six-week recovery period. He was cleared to resume physical activity two weeks ago, but chose to wait until he returned to school before he started to work out.
    Wycinski’s ultimate goal is to play football again for the Cavaliers.
    “That’s the approach I’m taking,” he said. “I’m going to train this whole offseason and in the summer like I’m going to be able to play football just in case I’m able to.”
    Wycinski met with new head coach Ted Karras Jr. and looks forward to seeing how the Cavs will fare this fall when they are eligible for NCAA Division II postseason play for the first time.
    “I really like him as a coach,” Wycinski said. “I’m excited for what he’s bringing to the program and really looking forward to seeing where this program is going to go in the future. I think we can do great things come next season.”
    Wycinski attended a Walsh home game this past season. Wearing a protective helmet, he and some teammates joined hands and stood behind the captains during the coin toss.
    The helmet is gone. Wycinski is back on campus for more than just one game.
    His teammates and friends couldn’t be happier.
    “They were really excited to see me,” Wycinski said. “They came up to me, said ‘What’s up?’ and asked me how my classes were going. They’re just really excited to have me back and for me to be up here again.”