SPRINGFIELD TWP.  No matter how much fun it is, summer always comes to an end.

That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective. Springfield senior soccer player Rachel Rodenbucher tried to have as much fun as possible during her break from school, but now that the summer is ending and classes are back in session, she doesn’t mind.

“I’m excited to start my senior year playing soccer and also, being a water girl for football,” Rodenbucher said. “I’m pretty ready for school.”

Over the summer, Rodenbucher spent a lot of time on the practice field at Young Elementary with her teammates, trying to help the many new players on the roster adapt to the team and in some cases, to the sport itself.

She also took a family vacation and enjoyed some of the other fun events and activities that come with summer, but one of the highlights of the past few weeks has been an honor that came her way recently.

“For soccer, we got captain bands to wear, and it was me, one of my friends and two juniors,” Rodenbucher said. “I was a captain last year too, but this year I’m a lot more vocal in letting everyone know what needs to be done.”

Captains also have the chance to address the team at the end of practices and games about what they see and what they feel the team needs to do better. Selecting captains depends on a team’s preferred method and for Springfield, the coaching staff made the decision on which players deserved the honor.

Being picked as a captain for a second straight season is a rare honor and reflects Rodenbucher’s status as one of the most experienced players on the team.

Soccer isn’t the only sport on her agenda this fall, though. For the fourth straight year, she will serve as a water girl for the football team, carrying trays of water bottles on the sidelines and helping make sure players stay hydrated during games.

“This is my fourth year. The trainer just liked me and asked me to water girl for the team when I was a freshman,” Rodenbucher said. “I go on Friday to school then to soccer for an hour and a half, then to football.”

Football season kicks off this week and Rodenbucher hopes it goes more smoothly than the first schedule soccer match of the season. That contest, slated to be played before classes began, was called off because the opposing team didn’t have enough players for the game.

That made the subsequent contest against Canton South the season opener for the Spartans, launching the sports side of a senior year that will include plenty of other tasks for Rodenbucher both on and off the field. She’s in the process of doing a college search with the help of her family and has already made visits to Bowling Green, Cleveland State, Kent State and Ohio University.

Narrowing her choices down will also mean deciding what she wants to major in, although there is a chance she could enroll as an undecided major and figure it out once she arrives on campus. Either way, getting all of her college preparation and information in order and applying to her chosen school is on the to-do list as well, another sign that summer is over and the next chapter in her year is off and running.

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