To the editor:

On Wednesday, Feb. 7, four members of Green City Council and Mayor Gerard Neugebauer sold the city’s soul to the devil so that construction could begin on the 36 inch, highly pressurized NEXUS pipeline that snakes through our parks and neighborhoods. Besides the actual settlement being offensive and deplorable, the procedure used to introduce and pass the legislation was a shameful misuse of the Green City Charter, and an abuse of power.

At no time were any citizens allowed to ask questions of the city’s decisions. In three nights of meetings, not one question was answered about how this settlement was decided upon. To add insult to injury, only one hour was allocated for public comment, at three minutes per person. This allowed for 20 people out of a population of over 25,000 to speak about their concerns of settling with NEXUS. The citizens of Green were treated like ignorant children who needed to sit down, shut up, and play dumb.

The City Charter requires under 4.10 Emergency Procedures, that "each emergency resolution and ordinance shall contain a statement of the necessity for such emergency action. ..." There was no accompanying statement, so it is not clear who this legislation was an emergency for, except, perhaps, NEXUS. They are behind schedule on this pipeline because our citizens will not give up, and continue to fight. This is why they approached the city to settle this suit. They need us. We don’t need them. Shamefully, the city agreed to what amounts to pocket change for NEXUS, and some useless swampland behind Boettler Park that isn’t far from where the actual pipe will be buried near Singer Bog.

Susan Ridgeway
Green Ward 3 Resident