As I struggle to feel excited about the BIG game Sunday, I wonder how I would feel if my beloved Brownies ever make it - just once in this lifetime. Without them playing, it’s hard to feel - well - very super.

I know, I know. You say they’ve never made it and you may think they never will. But still, wouldn’t it be super if they did, at least once before I’m shipped off to those happy writing grounds somewhere beyond the rainbow. About the only thing that really lifts my spirits this time of the year are good, homemade Italian morsels of pasta. And nothing says pasta like a big super bowl of home made spaghetti.

Lo and behold, I just started thinking about pasta when the wife informed me about a spaghetti dinner being served right here in the lakes. As a matter be the fact, according to her, it’s so close you can almost smell the delicious aroma of spaghetti sauce wafting from between the rafters of the church.

Yes, you read that right. That’s C-H-U-R-C-H as in Queen of Heaven Roman Catholic Church, located conveniently in the heart of Green at 1800 Steese Road. And who knows more about spaghetti then Italy’s Italians? After all, isn’t that where Rome and Vatican City are?

The spaghetti dinners are served in the church’s Parish Life Center. If you’re unfamiliar with this long established house of worship, it’s located on the south side of Steese Road just to the west of Massillon Road behind the fire station.

Adult dinners, consisting of spaghetti and two meatballs, bread, salad, punch or coffee, is an annual event and costs just eight dollars. For seniors, age 65 and over, the price drops to six. Dinner for kids, age five to twelve, cost five dollars and is served with just one meatball. Carry-out is available. So are extra meatballs for one dollar each. Desserts are also available for an additional charge.

These spaghetti dinners, sponsored by the Boy Scout Troop 334, are served annually on Super Bowl Sunday from 12 noon until 2 PM. And while there are no big screen TVs scattered about to watch the pre-game activities, the selected serving period of noon until 2 PM allows plenty of time for you to relax and enjoy a home cooked meal at your leisure, walk it off and still get home to enjoy the party and watch the Super Bowl game between da Pats and da Iggles.

According to an email from QOH’s Donna White, the church’s "Boy Scout Troop 334 has hosted Spaghetti Dinners for years. But three years ago they decided to try the first Sunday of February."

This happened for two reasons. First, many folks would rather not cook on Super Bowl Sunday, and secondly, since the anniversary of scouting is officially commemorated on February 8, which is typically observed on the Sunday before, for most years Scout Sunday falls on Super Bowl Sunday.

A good spaghetti dinner, a long preserved culinary art, is re-created from the capable hands of the troops’ adult members. The parents pitch in by donating delicious desserts to be sold. "All proceeds will go to Boy Scout Troop 334 to help offset camping cost for their members," White added.

I enjoy helping youngsters, especially the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Rarely do I ever miss a Girl Scout cookie sale. I stock up and take possession upon delivery. But with my waistline beginning to spread, the wife keeps watchful eye on my diet. Nevertheless, whenever she’s not around I store them in the freezer - usually under the liver. No one would ever think of looking there.

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