SPRINGFIELD TWP.  It was a "Yee Ha" night at Young Elementary School on Oct. 19 as the school had a western-based theme at its family night, which was filled with fun things to do, along with a little education for parents and grandparents.

The Family Learning action Team, led by Denise Freeze, organized the event. Seven tables were set up around the school that had a lesson on one of the "7 Healthy Habits" that the children work with everyday. There was a quick interactive family activity to do for each of the habits, such as Sharpen the Saw, where families learned the gestures their students had learned for the seven habits.

Teachers signed up to work the stations and do the scheduled activity with the families. Freeze spoke about being a bucket filler, which she explained is getting a warm and fuzzy feeling by paying compliments or helping people.

"We talk about how being mean empties your bucket," she said. "We all walk around with buckets above our head. They are invisible but you are really emptying someone’s bucket by making the sad or being mean to them."

Another one of the tables was synergize, which means by working together, you can accomplish more. At other tables, families learned the difference between being proactive and reactive and learned to begin with the end in mind, which was about making a plan and setting goals.

Families received packets at each table that also included activities for teenagers.

There was also a scavenger hunt, kids received free popcorn and families were able to purchase dinner at the Red Beard food truck, which affiliates itself with military, police and fire. 

 "The timeframe seemed to work well for our families as many of them have evening events to go to," said Principal Jennifer Ganzer. "They were able to come here and spend some time before heading out to their activities. We were very excited to have over 300 people attend.

 "We wanted to create a fun event where our families could come learn about the Leader in Me process and get better acquainted with the Seven Habits that we are teaching our students. Mrs. Freeze suggested the Western theme and before I knew it, we had the whole thing planned with interactive activities, BBQ dinner available from The Red Beard Food Truck and, of course, country music."