JACKSON TWP.  The American Kennel Club describes the great Pyrenees dog as a breed that is frequently described as majestic and are "big, immensely strong mountain dogs standing as high as 32 inches at the shoulder and often tipping the scales at more than 100 pounds."

It goes on to say that the breed is steadfast as a guardian with a "Zen-like calm but they can quickly spring into action with grace and speed to meet a threat." They are quickly recognizable with their deep white or white with markings of gray, tan or reddish-brown coats.

Sheila Stumbo and her husband, Darrell, of Jackson Township, own two Pyrenees, Chessie and Sadie. Both of their dogs are part of the Polar Pups therapy dog program at Jackson Local Schools. Stumbo loves her dogs and loves the breed.

She organized a fundraiser for The Great Pyrenees Club of Western PA Rescue center to help raise money for veterinarian services and to help build awareness of the breed.

"Many dog owners including the people who run the rescue center brought their own dogs out today to help build awareness of how great the breed is," Stumbo said. "Pyrenees are great with kids, they aren’t high energy like many big dogs and they are just a great breed. We also have a few Pyrenean mastiff dogs here today to also build awareness of how great that breed is too. The money raised today will go for veterinary services for the dogs in the rescue center."

Lynn Pilarski, who owns and operates the rescue center, said they have 10 dogs available for adoption.

"The money raised today will go toward food, shelter and veterinary care for the dogs in the rescue," Pilarski said. "It was wonderful of Sheila to organize this today. The weather was pretty bad but we still had a good turnout and we appreciate the donations."

There was a gift basket raffle held to help raise funds. Many vendors with dog related goods were set up and there were people and dog cookies galore.

To donate to or find out more information, contact The Great Pyrenees Club of Western PA Rescue by visiting its website at www.swpapyr.org or contact Rescue Director, Lynn Pilarski, at 412-431-6732 and by email at lapyr5@live.com.