LAKEMORE  A number of residents attended the Oct. 16 council meeting to ask council members to table and rethink an ordinance that would prohibit the keeping of ducks, chickens, turkeys, geese or other poultry within the village.

Residents Shawn and Briana Mathis own six chickens, which provide fresh organic eggs to their family and neighbors. Shawn Mathis said they have followed all of the zoning guidelines for the village and Summit County, installed new fencing and clean out the coup weekly.

Neighbors came out in support of the Mathis’ saying they were very good people and the "kind of neighbors you want living in the village."

Several people said the Mathis’ share their eggs with the neighbors and the neighbors share their gardens with the Mathis’. They said the chickens are not a problem, do not smell or make noise and are pets not only to the Mathis family, but the neighborhood children as well.

Council members tabled the ordinance.

Councilwoman Laura Cochran said she went to "visit the chickens" and it changed her thoughts on the ordinance. Council members said they learned a lot from the residents' comments and will reconsider the ordinance.

Grant applications

Council members approved applications for five grants: a 2018 AFG micro grant for hoses and a 2018 AFG grant for lift systems cots, both for the fire department. Also, three applications wre for roads: funding for the Canton Road Corridor Project, resurfacing funding for Sanitarium Road and funding for storm water and roadway repairs. 

Mayor Rick Justice said the village has done a lot of things with grants lately, such as building playground equipment, community gardens, working on a dog kennel and other projects.

"The fire grants are great stuff," Justice said.

Justice believes the village has a great chance to get the fire and road grants. He spoke about the Canton Road Corridor and how village officials want to make that something special.

"ODOT is coming through to solve safety issues and we would like to see it look nice with sidewalks, lighting and landscaping," he said.

In other business, council:

- approved the hiring of Brandon Bryan as a probationary volunteer firefighter/EMT; and for Justice to enter into a contract with Total Administrative Services Corporation for employee health flexible spending accounts in the amount of $500 and also a resolution to enter into a contract with Summacare for employee health insurance coverage.

- Approved an emergency resolution to verify blanket purchase orders through the Lakemore purchase order policy for the fourth quarter and an ordinance for appropriations for expenses through December. Also, approved an emergency resolution supporting Summit County developmental Disabilities Board Summit DD Issue 3 renewal levy on the Nov. 7 ballot.

- Heard from Councilman Chad Lance, who said that on Election Day, Issue 18 will be on the ballot for the proposed 0.25-percent income tax increase and it is entirely for road repair and replacement.

"It can’t go for anything else it can only go toward roads," he said. "If you don’t like the shape of our roads come out and support that issue."

The next council meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Nov. 6 at the Municipal Building.