PLCC Superintendent Benjamin Moore voiced his displeasure to the Board of Education about the grades the school received on its report card from the Ohio Department of Education.

"I am not pleased about the report card but I am not alone in my displeasure," Moore said during the Sept. 21 meeting. 

Moore spoke about the four components that the school receives a letter grade:

Achievement: This measures technical skill attainment. Each course has an end-of-course exam. According to the score, 76 percent of the students passed, according to the ODE satisfaction.

"The overall assessment participation rate is 98.1 percent," Moore said. "Every student is require to test and we test every student. So we are not sure how it is not 100 percent."

Graduation Rate: The school scored an A as 97.5 percent graduated in four years.

Post Program Outcomes: The school received a B as 87 percent of the students were employed, joined the military, were in an apprenticeship or were enrolled in post secondary or advanced training in six months after graduation.

Prepared for Success:  The school received a D, but Moore said he has "screamed from the mountain tops" to the ODE to, at the very least, to not call this portion "Prepared for Success."

"The factors are out of our control, we have little, if not any, control in whether students participate in the ACT, SAT honors diplomas (PLCC does not give diplomas), we don't have advanced placement classes and no International Baccalaureate," he said, noting all that is factored into the score. 

Moore said it makes no sense that career centers be graded on these factors. He added that half of the students only attend the career center for half the day for their career-tech program. 

"How could we impact any of these indicators? We simply can't," he said.

Statewide, Moore pointed out, that no career center in Ohio earned an A or a B and just 13 earned Cs, 44 Ds and 31 Fs.

In other business, the board:

- Approved a donation of $5,000 from All Sports Camp for the purpose of the Board Scholarship.

- Approved an expenditure of $11,232.60 for early college high school text books was approved. 

- Heard from Treasurer Christopher Wright, who said the board can expect to receive the information for the five-year forecast at the next meeting.

- Approved the resignation of Robert Pendergrass, adult education welding instructor and a job description for part-time adult education instructor.

- Approved the following employment contracts: Michael Kapas, part-time adult education instructor, $28 per hour, 50 hours maximum, no benefits; Kathryn Maj, part-time adult education instructor, $28 per hour, 50 hours maximum, no benefits; Marta Minder, adult education welding instructor, $28 per hour, 750 hours maximum, no benefits.