GREEN  A small group of faithful people came together 50 years ago to form a church. As they looked for a place to hold their services, they found a weed-covered lot in Green. It was difficult to see, but behind those tall weeds was a little vacant church.

Today, many might recognize the building that houses Temple Baptist Church. It sits at 1212 Greensburg Road with a lighthouse out in front of the building. The church has grown immensely since those humble beginnings.

On Sept. 10, 50 years later, after purchasing that building and the weed-covered lot, the Temple Baptist Church celebrated 50 years of worshiping together. During the Sunday morning service, Pastor Glenn Rogers Jr. led the choir and congregation in song and worship following in his father's footsteps.

It was 50 years ago that Pastor Glenn Rogers Sr. (deceased) began the church. The first Wednesday night service was held Aug. 30, 1967. There were 11 people who attended and the offering was all of $3. During the first Sunday service, Sept. 3, 1967, it was a bit of a different story as 56 attended Sunday School, 48 attended the Sunday service, 28 attended the Sunday evening service and the offering was up to $9.56. Rogers delivered a sermon that morning entitled, "Rest for the Restless."  

The church continued to grow and the first family to join the church was Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harker and their daughter, Becky. Many followed, joining throughout the next few weeks.    

Church members celebrated at a banquet Sept. 7. A video presentation was made that evening and Rogers played it again for those in attendance at the recent Sunday service.

The presentation highlighted photos from the history of the church, recordings of his father speaking and recordings of singing from the beginnings of the church. In the presentation, Rogers Sr. was speaking about walking down the road and the weeds being waste high to get a better look at the existing original building. He spoke about the expansion of the church and constructing the new building. In that presentation, Rogers Sr. spoke about the replica of the lighthouse which stands in front of the church, saying he wants the church to be a lighthouse to all. A recorded song was on the presentation called "The Lighthouse," and was sung by Rogers Sr.; his sister, Betty Sims; and niece, Becky Adams, from a service many years ago.

After the presentation, the children sang with the adult choir joining in, "A Lighthouse in the Night."

During the service, Rogers Jr. recognized his mom, who he said has done so much with the church during the 50 years. He presented the pianist, Sandi Roe, and organist, Betty Kleibe, with a gift. Kleibe has been the organist for the entire 50 years.

After the service, a dinner was held and there was a concert featuring the Dixie Melody Boys.

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