Marilyn Moon and Melinda Shepard from Nancy Lawson, 2063 Carlile Drive, $122,500

Michael and Jil Wynn from Stephen G. Vanchoff, 259 & 263 E. Caston Road, $180,000

Bonita A. Ferracane from Douglas E. Shamp, 2290 Glenross Drive, $215,000

Christopher J. Dorsey from Christopher L. Bounds, 3117 Greenfield Road, $183,000

Jessica Buckel and DeShawn Gray from Clearview Properties LLC, 4209 Massillon Road, $161,000

Christopher and Nicole Lega from Mitchell Family Properties LLC, 4619 Massillon Road, $120,000

Joshua and Christy Jacquet from Dennis Belden Trustee, 5588 Massillon Road, $539,000

George and Raeann Hill from Felicia D. Oana, 2231 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Road, $148,000


Robert and Linda Beckett from Mohammad A. Falah, 166 Lakota Avenue, $165,000

David and Kelly Fowler from Carol Williams Trustee, 663 Portage Lakes Drive, $21,000


James Nero, Rose Nero, and Bertha Nero from Kenneth R. Oldham, 5969 Manchester Road, $139,900

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC from James M. Stults, 6052 Manchester Road, $104,000

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC from James M. Stults, 6060 Manchester Road, $104,000

James and Samantha Hough from Thomas E. Andes, 896 W. Nimisila Road, $99,000

Jennifer M. Hamilton from Wilson C. Lewis, 911 Pearlman Road, $128,900

Joseph D. Cistone from Christopher K. Jones, 3865 S. Turkeyfoot Road, $159,500

Nolan B. Cligan from William Monzo, 911 W. Turkeyfoot Lake Road, $175,000


Sarah E. Lane from Robert R. Krueger, 1746 Massillon Road, $91,900

Crystal Lynn Caetta from William E. Morgan, 1977 Massillon Road, $30,000

Jason and Kaelynn Gulish from Randal G. Fernandez, 3343 Overlook Drive, $207,500

Elaine Box from Glen Lane, 2181 Sypher Road, $75,000