GREEN  Sixteen-year-old Green High School student Hunter Walker has used slime to turn a crafty hobby into a profitable business.

Since being inspired earlier this year by the "slime" trend spreading across Instagram and other social media networks, the high school junior has made nearly $15,000 in revenue with the business, Alpine Slimes.

Anyone who stumbles upon Instagram’s slime videos is sure to spend their next 10 minutes with eyes fixed on the colorful, squishable, oddly satisfying substance.   

"I started to just make some slime on my own because I thought it was cool," said Walker.

Walker started Alpine Slimes in late February with encouragement from friends and some help from dad.

"My friends were pushing me to sell it, but I was a little nervous I wouldn’t be able to do it so I started off small. I just sold a couple little slimes," said Walker. "But my Dad, who has been a big help to me, he was like ‘let’s make this a little bigger. We can probably get some sales.' "

Dad was right. Once Walker’s Instagram (@alpineslimes) was live with a link to the store, people started to notice the quality, affordable slime.

"It was kinda slow at first," said Walker. "At first, I was happy to just make a couple sales, but now I get a lot sales a day."

June, just less than four months since Walker started, was a big month.

"Then I started getting really big. People started to recommend me. It just started to take off in June," Walker said.

Now boasting 35,000 plus Instagram followers and anywhere from five to 20 orders a day, Walker’s business has a lot of momentum moving forward. Growing a business is a difficult task, but Walker works hard every day to strengthen the brand, producing slime and slime videos to showcase the products.

"I just try to put out a lot of good content to people," said Walker. "I try keep my store restocked a lot. And it makes me different than all the other accounts, because I produce slime almost every day and a lot of the other accounts are sold out, because they don’t put as much work into it as me."

Walker isn’t a just a slimer for its lucrative benefits, It is something that is truly enjoyable, and it has been positive force in both Walker and his dad’s life.

"It’s honestly a great creative outlet, because I’m pretty creative person, but I just can’t express it through art or writing, it’s just not my thing, but this gives me a way to be creative with my thoughts," said Walker. "And it’s honestly made me and my dad grow a lot closer. We get to sit down and talk with each other for hours and we didn’t use to that."

Walker also puts a lot of work into school work. This year, Walker will be a junior at Green High School but is already taking college courses through the University of Akron. In fact, Walker be taking three courses through the University of Akron and just two at Green.

"I’m hoping to get a pre med degree, because I really want to be a veterinarian," said Walker, when asked about after-high-school plans. "That’s my goal right now."

But in the meantime, Walker has hefty batches of Alpine Slime to produce for an ever growing fan base. What’s next for the business?

"You know, you come up with the next big idea. It could sink or it could swim," Walkers said.

Whatever that next move might be, Walker is sure to take it far.