GREEN  The Green Local School District paid tribute to veterans and first responders throughout the day and then during the Bulldogs' Sept. 8 football game against Orange. The event, a tribute to these unsung heroes, was sponsored by the school in conjunction with Blind and Sons and the Rubber City Radio Group.

"I thought it was an outstanding event," said Green Board of Education member Dave Cohen. "It was a great way to celebrate our first responders and veterans. The school did a great job in putting it all together."

The day opened with a broadcast from West Side Bakery by WAKR radio host Ray Horner, who interviewed those involved in the Veteran's Memorial Park expansion, local First responders and city and school officials.

Later in the day, WONE broadcasted from the Central Administration Building parking lot next to Central Park. At the same time, there was a food rodeo going on with plenty of good food for those in attendance.

The day culminated with the football game and the introduction of the veterans and first responders who marched onto the field. Students were asked to wear red, white and blue in their honor, and the stands were aglow with a sea of these patriotic colors. Each veteran and first responder was given a special pin and T-shirt in honor of their service. It was estimated that were 125 participants for this event, according to Green Communications and Community Relations Director Julie McMahan.

"It was a great way to recognize our Veterans and First Responders," said Green Director of Operations Wendall Jackson. "It was wonderful to see how the students respected all these brave individuals. I think everyone associated with the program was very proud indeed."

At the end of the first quarter, members of both bands and cheerleaders released red, white, and blue balloons into the air. At the same time, the Green Bulldogs raised their helmets in salute to the veterans and first responders.

"I was very humbled by the experience, " said Green Athletic Director Erich Muzi. "Especially with the events that have happened down in Houston and Florida. The outpouring of support was tremendous."

"On behalf of the Board of Education and Green Locals Schools, we salute and cannot thank ourveterans and first responders enough for the tremendous sacrifice they make for the greater good," added Green Superintendent Jeff Miller. "We are so proud to have had the honor and privilege to share an evening with our brave heroes. It was awe inspiring to observe our students take a lead role in the festivities and their gratitude and passion for our heroic men and women was something that many adults, including myself, were tremendously moved by. I cannot be prouder of our staff, students and community for the deep respect they demonstrate for our heroes."