SPRINGFIELD TWP.  The Springfield Township Board of Trustees held a special meeting Aug. 24 for the purpose of zoning nuisance abatement and tax certificates.

Zoning matters included property at 2838 McElwain Road. Notice was given to the property owner regarding the meeting; however, no one was present representing the property. Photos of the existing conditions were taken of the trash, debris and need for mowing. As a result, trustees made a motion to declare the property a nuisance and initiate abatement.

Also for zoning, no one was present at the meeting representing the property located at 1752 Krumroy Road. Photos were presented of the condition (trash and debris) of the property that were taken Aug. 24. The board declared the property a nuisance and initiated abatement.

Trustee Dean Young made a motion to certify the total cost for abatements of the following properties to the Summit County Auditor's Office for the total cost to be placed upon the tax duplicate as a lien upon the land: 3183 Albrecht Avenue, $315; 1752 Krumroy Road, $200; 978 Crestline Drive, $135; 978 Crestline Drive, $ 421.58; 2409 Sadler Street, $701.56; 2151 Sypher Road, $255; 311 Columbine Avenue, $225; 3242 Samuel Road, $220; 2756 Farmdale Road, $155.

During the meeting, trustee:

- Accepted the resignation of police officer Patrick Szuhay, effective Aug. 17. He has taken a full time job with the City of Beachwood.

- Approved Fiscal Officer Sharon Harms to do a supplemental appropriation of the final payment for the police contract from the village in the amount of $31,891.64 for police salary.

- Approved to repair the water pump on a police cruister with Ganley Ford in the amount of $1,464.75.

The next regular board meeting will be held at 6 p.m., Sept. 14 at Town Hall.