The Green Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) has decided that it is acceptable to put a strip mall next to residential property. Five people have decided the fate of eight contiguous properties on April Drive - and its neighborhood - without bothering to consult the property owners. The PZC says it can put in a strip mall because B-2 allows conditional uses for retail and restaurants (2009 revision). However, PZC does not have to grant a conditional use if that use does not meet the standards of Green's Land Development Code. The residents of April Drive and the Green Highlands development (their neighborhood) feel that the Code standards have not been met. 

The residents of Green fought this battle before in 1996 when Acme asked to rezone Massillon road property that abutted residential property. City Council stood by its residents and voted it down. The issue was put on a ballot and the city residents said no to retail next to residential.

Please join us in our fight to preserve our residential communities and not allow B-2 property adjoining residential areas to be zoned for retail or restaurants. Please assist us in fixing the zoning codes for the city of Green. Contact Mayor Neugebauer, your council representatives and the Planning Commission with your concerns. The "Fix Green Ohio Zoning" Facebook page has the details. The welfare of the City of Green's residents should come first, not retail development.

Jane Weaver,

April Drive resident