On Aug. 21, deputies responded to a suspicious activity call at Nimisila Reservoir off Christman Road. A 33-year-old Akron man was found fishing without a license and drinking alcohol from an open container. A background check revealed he was wanted on a warrant for possession of dangerous drugs, a fifth-degree felony and probation violation. Deputies arrested the man and transported him to the Summit County Jail.

A Koons Road man told deputies Aug. 21 that someone was using an old license plate that he had on his trailer. He found out about the theft after receiving bills from various toll road locations throughout the country. 

A Beechnut Drive man, 34, was charged with domestic violence Aug. 20 after he allegedly ripped a necklace off his girlfriend and slapped her across the face. The woman had redness and swelling. Deputies arrested the man at his parents’ home and transported him to the Summit County Jail.

A Massillon Road woman reported Aug. 20 that someone entered her unlocked car and stole a tool kit valued at $800.

On Aug. 19, a Fairway Drive man told deputies someone used his Verizon account information to purchase two Galaxy cell phones and have them shipped to an address in New York.

A Sara Drive man, 29, was arrested at his home Aug. 19 on a warrant for aggravated possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony. Deputies were called to the home after the man’s grandmother reported he was making suicidal threats.

A Springfield Township woman reported someone broke into her car and stole her purse while she was inside a Massillon Road fitness center Aug. 19.

On Aug. 18, an employee at a South Arlington Road restaurant told deputies a male customer spit beer in her face. The suspect had left before deputies arrived.

Someone broke into an unattached garage in the 2700 block of Byron Road Aug. 18. An air compressor, a lawn mower and a hand-cranking washing machine were among the items reported taken.

A Sweitzer Road man, 26, was charged Aug. 18 with domestic violence. Deputies said he pushed his girlfriend into a couch where she was sitting and raised his fist at her in an attempt to strike her. He was arrested and taken to jail.

A Michigan man reported a laptop computer was stolen from his pickup truck while he was at an Arlington Ridge hotel Aug. 18.

A 14-foot landscaping trailer was reported stolen Aug. 18 from the driveway of a home in the 4600 block of Christman Road. A riding mower, leaf blower and weed trimmer were inside the trailer at the time.

Deputies responded to a domestic dispute at a Saturn Drive home Aug. 17. A 27-year-old man became upset with his mother because she was making too much noise while he was trying to sleep, according to a report. A heated argument ensued but nothing physical or threatening occurred, so no charges were filed.

On Aug. 16, a Discovery Road man called deputies to report an unwanted woman was damaging his car. He told officers the woman showed up at his apartment uninvited and tried to get into his apartment. She kicked him in the leg when he tried to block her, then went out to his car and broke a windshield wiper, he said. The woman had left before officers arrived. Warrants for assault and criminal damaging were issued for her arrest.

A Uniontown man, 42, was arrested Aug. 16 on charges of aggravated vehicular assault, a third-degree felony, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Deputies said the man was driving drunk when he struck a Mayfair Road woman from behind as she was walking near her home. The woman was taken to an emergency room.

On Aug. 14, a Wise Road man said a man in a Dodge Ram truck pointed a gun at his head during a road rage incident on Massillon Road. Deputies were unable to locate the suspect or vehicle.


A Culbertson Drive man told deputies Aug. 21 that someone used his personal information to open a Verizon account and to purchase a phone.

On Aug. 19, deputies and township fire department personnel, along with several other area agencies, responded to a report of smoke coming out of vents at a Manchester Road fitness center. The building was evacuated. It was determined there was no active fire but only smoke coming from a malfunctioning air conditioning unit.

A New Franklin woman, 34, was charged Aug. 19 for drunken driving, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Deputies were called to a Manchester Road gas station after witnesses reported seeing the woman pull in with her pickup truck and hit a concrete barrier near a gas pump.

A 32-year-old Barberton woman was arrested Aug. 18 at a West Turkeyfoot Lake Road home on a warrant charging her with illegal manufacture of drugs, a third-degree felony. She was transported to the Summit County Jail.

Deputies were told two people left a Manchester Road restaurant on Aug. 18 without paying their $24 bill.

A Uniontown man, 46, was charged Aug. 18 with theft. Deputies said he attempted to leave a Manchester Road supermarket without paying for more than $250 worth of groceries. Items included two bottles of vitamins, a wrist brace and two packages of crab legs.

A Gougler Road man reported Aug. 17 that someone used his personal information to obtain a cell phone.

A Doylestown woman, 24, was arrested on multiple felony charges following a traffic stop on South Arlington Road Aug. 17. Deputies found the woman had an active warrant for her arrest. During a search of her belongings, deputies found a brown crystal substance in her purse that she reportedly admitted was methamphetamine. They also found a personal check that did not belong to her with a forged signature. She was charged with possession of a controlled substance, theft and forgery.

An Akron woman, 27, was charged Aug. 16 with violation of a protection order. Deputies said she showed up at a Long Acre Drive man’s home, where she had been barred by court order. She was arrested and taken to the Summit County Jail.

On Aug. 15, a manager at a Manchester Road paint store told deputies a man came in and bought six cans of paint and charged the amount to a local supply company. He later learned the man was not an employee of the company. The owner of the company signed an affidavit for fraudulent charges against the man.

A BMX bicycle valued at $300 was reported stolen Aug. 14 from a yard in the 400 block of Canova Drive.

An Akron man, 54, was charged Aug. 13 with theft and falsification. Deputies said he was caught trying to leave a Manchester Road supermarket with $200 worth of energy drinks without paying. He reportedly gave an officer a false name to conceal his identity, but the officer recognized him from a previous encounter.  


A W. Comet Road man, 30, was charged with domestic violence/threats Aug. 19 after an officer reportedly heard him tell his girlfriend he was going to punch her in the face during a phone conversation. The woman had told police earlier that the man threatened to slap her face.

A Grove Road man, 41, was jailed on a domestic violence charge Aug. 18. His girlfriend told police the man approached her in an aggressive manner, screamed curses at her and then chest-bumped her during an argument. She felt threatened by the man’s actions, she said.

On Aug. 16, police responded to a security alarm at a Lahm Drive home. It turned out a flooring contractor entered the home by mistake. He was supposed to be at a home a few doors down. Both houses are owned by the same property owner, who gave the man permission to work at the home.

A Manchester Road woman called police Aug. 16 to report her neighbor had a tree service remove a tree that was partially on her property. The neighbor said only a root of the tree was on the woman’s property.

On Aug. 15, a law enforcement official for the Cleveland Metro Parks notified police that a Grove Road man’s car was found abandoned in a park in Brecksville. The official also stated the man had a felony warrant on file in Carroll County. Police arrested the man at his home and transported him to the Summit County Jail to await extradition. He told police he was unaware of why his car was in a park.

On Aug. 14, police were called about a suspicious vehicle parked by the railroad tracks on Center Road. An officer found the car stuck in the gravel and called a tow truck to have it removed. Meanwhile, two men came out of the woods and said they were in the car and were at the location to go fishing. They were advised they were on private property and told to leave. Two days later, a special agent for the railroad filed criminal trespassing charges against the two men.

A Barberton man, 27, was arrested Aug. 14 on charges of criminal damaging and obstructing official business. Police said he backed his pickup truck into a man’s car in a bar parking lot on West Turkeyfoot Lake Road and then afterward lied to officers about it during an investigation.


Thieves stripped parts off two company trucks parked at a Kennedy Road business during the overnight hours of Aug. 22. The driver and passenger side-view mirrors from both vehicles and a passenger side-door were reported taken. The wires were also cut on the vehicles.  Total loss was estimated at $3,450.

A South Arlington Road man called police Aug. 22 to report his brother was at his home despite a protection order against him. He said his brother has been living at the home for the past four months. Police charged the 42-year-old brother with violating a protection order.

An Akron woman, 34, was arrested Aug. 21 on a felony count of possession of drugs and misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Police were called to a Traian Circle home where the woman was reportedly acting erratically. Officers said the woman had dilated pupils and was sweating profusely. She became extremely agitated, started yelling, and refused to call down. Officers reportedly found crystal methamphetamine in her purse. While en route to jail, the woman made numerous suicidal threats and said she was possessed by demons, a report said. She was taken to a hospital for an evaluation and after her release was issued a court summons.

Officers were called to a Canton Road restaurant Aug. 21 about a man acting strangely. They found the man in the restroom pacing back and forth, sweating heavily and incoherent. EMS was called to the scene to transport the man to a hospital. He reportedly admitted to taking Percocet and Xanax pills.

A paddle boat was reported stolen Aug. 19 from the rear of a home on Beach Drive Extension. The owner said someone burned the rope securing the boat and then left with it. The boat was discovered floating along the shoreline of Springfield Lake several days later.


A go-cart valued at $600 was reported stolen Aug. 19 from the yard of a Russell Avenue home.

A warrant for domestic violence was issued Aug. 17 for a 51-year-old Canton woman. Police said she punched her estranged husband in the face during an argument outside his Mohican Boulevard home.

Police issued warrants Aug. 16 for a 27-year-old Ravenna man on charges of felony domestic violence and endangering children. A Front Street woman told police the man came to the house to pick up their two children they have in common for a visitation. When she refused the visit, the man tackled her to the ground and put her in a headlock. The couple’s 4-year-old son jumped on the man’s back and then fell off, injuring his forehead. The man then left. EMS was called to the scene to treat the woman and her son.

On Aug. 13, police were called to a Canton Road store after an employee said a shoplifter who had stolen $75 in items two weeks before was back in the store. The suspect had fled before officers arrived and could not be located.

A Catherine Avenue woman reported someone put a potato in the exhaust pipe of her car sometime between Aug. 11 and Aug. 13.