NEW FRANKLIN  During the final meeting before the 2017-18 school year began, the Manchester Local Schools Board of Education approved administrative appointments, certified and classified appointments and approved certification of all bus drivers and aides.

The board approved a three-year contract to Katherine Fulk, to serve as District Director of Food Service. She has experience as food service director in the Southern Local School District, south of Columbus, and most recently food service management work at the Hartville Kitchen.     

The board approved the following certified appointments: Wendi Breyley, Title One tutor, Nolley Elementary; Brandy Cash, Computer Library Media Tech teacher (new position), Nolley Elementary; Penny Golden, permanent substitute, Nolley Elementary; Lee Harget, tutor for the middle school and high school; Rebecca Lada, permanent substitute, Manchester Middle School; Julie McCartt, tutor for Nolley and middle school; Jennifer Murray, part-time Spanish teacher for the middle school and part-time teacher in the Northwest School District; Brittany Partin, Title One tutor, Nolley Elementary; Stacey Stassinis, third grade teacher, Nolley Elementary.

The board approved salary increases for teachers who completed additional hours of education and training. The district allows pay increases at three levels of additional training, 10, 20 and 30 hours. The teachers are: Angela Demrovsky, Sabrina Donatelli, Elizabeth Feeler, Mary Grandon, Fred Johnson, Shawn Johnson, Stacie Lindeman and Chelsea Truax.

The board approved the following classified appointments: Loralee Daily, substitute secretary; Debra Daniels, tutor, middle school; Laura Ouimet, Joyce Price and Sue Snyder, all transportation aides.

The following supplemental appointments were approved: Melissa D’Aliberti, assistant band director; James Jordan, volunteer boys assistant soccer coach; Katie Shaffer, 8th grade volleyball coach.

A new supplemental assistant athletic director position was created and will be a pilot program for one school year. Manchester Local Schools Superintendent Dr. James Robinson explained that supervision is needed at so many school sporting events. The board appointed Derrick Mauger to the position. He will assist Mike Ankrom, the newly appointed district athletic director.

The board also approved an agreement between the Northeast Ohio Network for Educational Technology "NEOnet" and Manchester Local School for the reimbursement of computer equipment and installation services. The agreement allows for a new wi-fi system in the high school and middle school. 

The following donations were accepted by the board:

- Karen Brocklehurst, MMS Pep Club /Cheer, $2,500  

- Cheer Parent Donations, MMS Pep Club/Cheer, $125

- Richard J. Kaderly Scholarship Fund/2017 MHS Scholarships, $5,000

- John Stephens, Mary Ellen’s Gift to Nolley Child, $1,000

- James Stephens, Mary Ellen’s Gift to Nolley Child, $1,000

- Matthew Stephens, Mary Ellen’s Gift to Nolley Child, $1,000

- Eric Stephens, Mary Ellen Gift to Nolley Child, $1,000

- Adriana Eidom, MHS golf team, $250