GREEN  City officials will install two more roundabouts in 2018. One will be constructed at the intersection of Corporate Woods Circle and Corporate Woods Parkway and the other at state Route 619 and Pickle Road.

Route 619 and Pickle Road

Motorists on Pickle Road waiting to turn onto state Route 619 at peak times of the day know how difficult that can be. As many as 10 or more cars can be waiting to turn due to the traffic and speed on state Route 619. Finding a gap isn’t easy and the city plans to make improvements to ease the delay time on Pickle Road.

"There is a lot of frustration out there," Green Engineer Paul Pickett said. "A lot of people are happy the city is doing something."

There is no outside funding available, so the city will foot the bill on the project to build a single-lane roundabout at the intersection, which sees 12,146 cars go through it daily. Pickett, however, said the intersection is not considered accident prone.

Corporate Woods

While the intersection of Corporate Woods Circle and Corporate Woods Parkway may not be busy at all times of the day, at rush hour, it can be hectic with cars backing up in front of Giant Eagle.

Pickett said design work on a roundabout there began in 2015 and the plan was to construct it in 2017, but the budget didn’t allow for that.

The $1.5- to $2-million single-lane roundabout will be built in phases during the summer of 2018 and will take a better part of the summer to construct.

"There are a lot of accidents there," Pickett said. "That is why that one was at the top of our list."

Traffic is expected to be maintained as the wetland near the intersection will be filled and a temporary road will be built on it. Pickett said closing the intersection wasn’t ideal.

The option of a traffic signal at the intersection also was not ideal and would have increased the cost to build turn lanes, acquire right-away and additional drainage work.

"We looked at a signal, the problem is where the traffic stacks up and spills into other intersections," Pickett said. "It needs a continuous movement."

Other roundabouts

In addition to proposed roundabouts for Massillon Road north of Interstate 77 and the two south of the interstate, the city also has been studying several other intersections throughout the city.

Those intersections are state Route 619 and Myersville Road, Greensburg Road and Arlington Road, state Route 619 and Mayfair Road, Mayfair Road and Graybill Road, Mayfair Road and Raber Road and Massillon Road and Graybill Road.

Pickett said the question became how to prioritize the intersections. The intersections were looked at for accident reduction, level of service, ease of congestion, utility impact and environmental impact.

He also said the city will make sure the intersections near Massillon Road will not be worked on at the same time as the Massillon Road north project.

The city’s goal is to do one roundabout per year after 2018 if funding allows.

"We really need to use tools we have to educate people (about roundabouts)," Pickett said.