JACKSON TWP.  Students at Jackson Local Schools go back to school on Aug. 21 and they along with staff have a lot to look forward to in the 2017-18 school year. While last year was a standout year for the Jackson Local School District, Superintendent Christopher DiLoreto said the staff is looking forward to starting another great school year.

The district is returning to a host of new opportunities and a strong momentum carried forward from last year.

"One of the great initiatives we’ll be building on this year is the 1:1 Chromebook implementation for grades 5, 6, 8 and 9, and it starts on day one," DiLoreto said. "Our teachers are working on getting Google certified and working with Polaris, the online learning management system. All of which provides the opportunity to deliver curriculum, instruction, assessments online and professional development. The initiative impacts how we serve students and how we develop staff."

The district will also begin working on the next phase of the 1:1 initiative for grades four. DiLoreto said the district is redeploying existing machines and devices so they can be used by students and staff.

There have also been some staff changes to begin this year.

Kacy Carter is the new middle school principal. He was the assistant high school principal. Matthew Ziders has filled the spot of assistant high school principal. Ziders was a high school math teacher and boys and girls swim coach.

Harley Neftzer will be serving the district in a dual role as the building and grounds supervisor and as building and grounds safety director. Neftzer was a Jackson Township Police Chief and spent 21 years working with the State Highway Patrol.

Eli Rivera will replace Neftzer as transportation supervisor and serve as the assistant safety director. Rivera retired from the State Highway Patrol where he conducted school bus safety inspections.

While lunch prices will remain the same throughout the district, the high school will see a new Premium Lunch Option. Assistant Superintendent Barry Mason said while the menu options are still being developed for the premium lunch, it could include a number of selections.

"Other districts have started adding the premium lunch option which could include offering grilled chicken to a salad or offering a premium deli sandwich with grilled meats," Mason said.

Both DiLoreto and Mason said at this time there are no changes to the federally funded management program for the Federal Nutrition Standards for school districts which governs school lunch programs.

"The district always looks forward to starting a new school year and responding to our student needs. We’re planning on building on the momentum from last year and making it another great year," DiLoreto said.