NEW FRANKLIN  Hoping to grow marine related business in New Franklin, City Council unanimously approved an amendment to the zoning code to allow a business to request a conditional use to sale, service or store marine-related vehicles.

Mayor Al Bollas introduced the legislation this spring to help promote businesses that want to sell power boats, pontoon boats, sailboats, paddle boats, kayaks, canoes and jet skis or wave runners. The amendment requires a business to apply for a conditional use to the New Franklin City Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Planning and Zoning Commission first approved the amendment and recommended that council approve the change. Council held the required public hearing on the proposed change before its Aug. 2 regular council meeting. Two residents questioned whether a business could request the conditional use in any area of the city.

New Franklin Law Director Tom Musarro confirmed that the marine-related use category can be a conditional use in a B-1, B-2, I-1 and I-2 zoning districts. He further explained that the amendment requires that outdoor storage of marine vehicles be in the rear of the property. Areas for outside storage of marine vehicles may be on paved or gravel property. The marine-related use also requires that no dismantled, wrecked, junk or partially dismantled vehicles (marine or otherwise) be permitted outside.

The conditional use zoning certificate shall be issued for a three year period . After the three year period has lapsed, the certificate may be reissued if the business has operated according to specifications of the zoning code.

Bollas said there are two marine-related businesses businesses that have shown interest in establishing in the city and will apply for the conditional use.