NEW FRANKLIN  Construction of a new salt storage bin for the city of New Franklin was authorized by New Franklin City Council in late July to replace a damaged bin and a smaller bin.

Council approved a resolution to enter into an agreement with Clearspan for the construction and installation of a 35-foot wide and 100-foot long salt bin at a cost of $49,899.57. New Franklin Deputy Service Director Brian Kepler and New Franklin Mayor Al Bollas sought bids for the project. The money for the project will come from the road department budget.

Kepler said the existing salt bin had the roof blown off and the smaller bin is older. The city has already paid for salt to be delivered on Sept. 30. Kepler said the Road Department crew will tear down the two bins. The goal is to have the new bin constructed and installed before December, Kepler said. The old bins held 1,500 tons of road salt, the new salt bin will hold 1,700 tons of salt.

No parking zone

Council heard from city resident Robin Wall, of Fayette Drive, about her concerns about patrons of Howie’s On The Lake, 4856 Coleman Drive, parking on Fayette and in her driveway.

"They block my driveway, the sidewalk and park in my yard," she said.

The bar and restaurant is located near a residential area. Wall said said she has asked the New Franklin police to ticket the car owners and she said they tell her they will go find the owners first.

Bollas confirmed there is no parking on any streets in the city. Councilwoman Andrea Norris said the police try to page them in the bar. Councilman Jim Cotts said the police need to be more consistent in their approach.

"They (the car owners) are not being courteous to the residents, why should we be courteous to them, " said City Law Director Tom Musarro.

Since Wall addressed council on July 19, Bollas confirmed that signs have been posted stating, "No Parking, Fire Lane"  on streets around Howie's On The Lake. 

Wall said she has lived on Fayette for 38 years and the last two years she has experienced these problems. Council has also heard complaints about parking on and off for the last several years.

Bollas has met with the owner of Howie’s On The Lake, Eric Griffin, in the past about the issue.