A 2006 Honda Element SUV, valued at $5,000, was reported stolen July 19 from a home in the 2700 block of Anna Court.

A Canton man, 60, was arrested July 18 on a felony charge of receiving stolen property. Deputies said they found him target shooting on Greensburg Road with a gun that had been reported stolen from a Canton resident. He told officers he bought the gun 10 years ago but couldn’t remember who he bought it from.

A flat-screen TV, a CD/DVD changer and four flashlights, total value $1,000, were reported stolen July 18 from a vehicle in the 2000 block of Dornoch Drive.

A Barberton woman told deputies July 18 that her young son was bitten on the face by a German shepherd owned by a Greenfield Road resident. The case was turned over to the Summit County Dog Warden.

On July 17, deputies investigated a burglary at a home in the 2700 block of Mayfair Road. Someone broke a window on the rear patio door then kicked in a door leading to the kitchen. The only items reported stolen were a few pieces of copper pipe connected to a boiler system.

A Cherimoya Avenue resident reported July 17 that someone tried to break into her home through a rear door. She said her dogs alerted her and the suspect fled. The screen on the door had been removed from the track, breaking the spring.

A semi-tractor reported stolen in Mercer County was recovered from the alleged suspect’s yard on South Main Street July 15, according to deputies. Charges in the incident were being handled by authorities in Mercer County.

A Gray Fox Drive man told deputies July 15 that someone used his credit card information to make online purchases of more than $1,700.

On July 14, a Mayfair Road woman told deputies a Seattle, Wash., man called and said she had been selected to receive a large amount of money. He mentioned her birth date, email address and Social Security number. The woman declined the offer and hung up. When she tried calling back, she received no answer. She was advised to put a block on the phone number.

A North Canton man 37, and a Massillon woman, 25, were arrested on felony theft charges July 14 after they were accused of stealing more than $1,000 in merchandise from a Corporate Woods Parkway supermarket. A loss prevention officer told deputies the couple stole from the store two days before but were not seen on security video until after they had left. After they were caught on July 14, deputies reportedly found a grocery bag in their car overflowing with stolen cosmetics. The couple reportedly admitted they had been shoplifting from the store for the past several weeks.

On July 13, an Island Drive woman told deputies a neighbor man yelled at her children and took pictures of them. The neighbor said he spoke to the children about throwing rocks and was trying to capture them in the act on his cellphone.

Two umbrellas valued at $1,500 were reported stolen July 9 from two patio tables outside a South Arlington Road restaurant.


On July 18, deputies responded to a fight involving a man and a woman at a South Arlington Road home. During questioning the woman, who said she was homeless, reportedly refused to provide identification and walked away from the officer several times. She also had been drinking. She later was identified as a 20-year-old of Carlyle Street in Akron and charged with underage consumption, obstructing official business and possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to a July 17 report, someone stole tools from a construction site on Franks Parkway and drove a backhoe off the property. The backhoe was later found abandoned in a residential area.

An Akron man, 33, of Brighton Drive, was jailed in Summit County July 17 after being arrested on a warrant for aggravated possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony.

A 2005 Yukon sport utility vehicle was reported stolen July 17 from a driveway in the 900 block of Caldwell Drive. On the same day, a flip phone and two gift cards were reported taken from an unlocked van in the 900 block of Lang Road.

A desk clerk at a Manchester Road motel called police after a man who didn’t have enough money to pay for a room punched him in the mouth. The clerk said the man assaulted him after he asked him to leave.

A Homeworth woman, 28, was arrested on a felony drug possession charge July 15. Deputies said she passed out in her car for two hours outside a South Arlington Road coffee shop. Officers reported finding methamphetamine in the car. The woman was also charged with possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor, after the drug was found on her during a pat down, deputies said.

A Pennsylvania man reported his car keys were either lost or stolen while he was inside an East Waterloo Road restaurant July 16.

On July 13, a day camp teacher at a South Main Street church told deputies a man came over while the children were outside playing and began asking her all sorts of questions about the children. The teacher became uncomfortable with the questioning and asked the man to leave. He became angry and started yelling and swearing at her, she said. Before driving off, he did a "burnout" in the parking lot, she added. Deputies eventually tracked the man down and said he admitted talking to the teacher at the church. They detected an odor of alcohol on the 59-year-old and charged him with disorderly conduct by intoxication.


A Highwood Drive couple told police they returned home on July 13 to find hoof prints and piles of animal waste all over their yard. Police were investigating.

On July 12, a convenience store owner on West Turkeyfoot Lake Road told police a man gave him a $350 check for purchases that bounced. He said the man came in and gave him $50 as payment toward the bad check and said he would pay the rest by the end of the day. The man returned later that day and paid the remainder of what he owed and no charges were filed.

Police responded to a security alarm at a Vanderhoof Road business July 12. A manager told police a security employee working on the alarm system forgot to put it in test mode, triggering a response from the police department.

A Rawlins Avenue man told police he heard a loud noise outside his home around 10 p.m. on July 10. When he went out to check, he saw tire tracks in the yard and a bush that had been run over.

A Spangler Drive man, 18, was charged July 11 with domestic violence. Police said he punched his father in the head during an altercation over missing cigarettes. He was arrested and transported to the Barberton City Jail.

A Manchester Road woman, 33, was charged July 10 with domestic violence. She is accused of punching her father in the face and knocking him out for a few seconds during a dispute over a cellphone. The father signed a form for a temporary protection order. The next day, police issued a warrant for the woman charging her with violating the court order after she allegedly tried to get into her father’s house.

A Pernell Drive man, 27, was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail July 8 on charges of aggravated menacing, carrying a concealed weapon, using a weapon while intoxicated and improperly discharging a firearm. Police said he entered a Manchester Road home and pointed a handgun at two people, threatening to shoot them. He then fired two shots inside the home, one hitting a living room table and the other a wall. Officers found the gun tucked in the man’s back pocket.


A Fairview Road man, 36, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia July 16 during a traffic stop on Canton Road. Police said they found a glass pipe in a bag of Fritos in the man’s car. He also was found driving with a suspended license.

A Tisen Road man, 43, was charged July 15 with disorderly conduct by intoxication. Police were called to the man’s home after his wife reported he was using alcohol to relieve his pain after running out of his prescription medication. The man was uncooperative with officers and told them he wanted to go to jail. He attempted to hit an officer in order to get arrested and then proceeded to walk down the street while extremely intoxicated.

On July 14, a Linnway Drive woman told police someone broke into her son’s clubhouse and stole two video game systems and 35 games, total value $1,300. A door was forced open to gain entry.

An Onondago Trail woman called police July 14 about a man sitting in a chair in her yard, apparently overdosing. Paramedics administered Narcan to the man and then transported him to a hospital. Police checked the man’s gym bag and reportedly found what they suspect to be fentanyl and several naltrexone pills.

Two residents at a Lessig Avenue home reported July 14 that someone vandalized their vehicles. Damage to one of the vehicles was estimated at $2,300.

On July 13, an Avis Road woman called police after she found drug abuse instruments in her uncle’s bedroom. She had taken her uncle to rehab earlier in the day and was cleaning his room when she found the items, she said. Police collected 12 hypodermic needles and five burnt spoons from the location.

An acoustic guitar, a pair of shoes and a video game system were reported stolen July 13 from a car in the 2000 block of Delaware Avenue. The value of the property was unavailable.

A Killian Road man reported more than $200 in lawn decorations were stolen from his front yard between July 11 and 13. Items included a dog statue, a landscaping chair and three hanging plants.