CANTON  Marcia Addison, of Alliance, spent Tuesday evening last week drinking some wine, enjoying the company of other students and trying her hand at re-creating her own version of a widely known painting called "The Scream."

This was her fifth time attending the CMA Uncorked class at the Canton Museum of Art where students follow an instructor and try to replicate a popular painting and enjoy a glass of wine or two along the way.

"I like to paint because it helps me clear my mind, coming to the class makes me take the time to paint because I think of it as an appointment," Addison said.

Addison was one of 20 students attending the July 11 class. Erica Emerson is the instructor and the education manager at the Canton Museum of Art. She said the uncorked classes have been offered once a month for the past four years.

"I kept seeing classes like this offered at bigger cities and I thought it would be great to offer it here in Stark County," Emerson said. "We were the first in the county to put such an event on the schedule. We thought it would be a one-time only offering. The response was so overwhelming that we decided to offer it once a month and it’s been going strong ever since. Our classes stand out from some of the others that have been offered around the area because we build in education and historical components into each event."

Addison gently guides everyone through painting the assignment one section at a time. The artists are encouraged to take their own artistic license and paint the assignment to their own vision using their own unique style.

"When we are doing a complicated painting like 'The Scream,' we trace the image on each student’s canvas before they start painting," Addison said.

She said one of the favorite paintings used in CMA Uncorked is "The Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh. It’s offered as a couples Uncorked event usually around Valentine’s Day. One person paints one side of the painting on their own canvas while the other person paints the other side on their own canvas. When both canvases are done, the couples can hang both canvases to get one full painting.

Jeff Zagst paints as a hobbyist and said he and his wife completed "The Starry Night" together.

"My wife and I have been here three times and my favorite painting was "The Starry Night,"" Zagst said. "It was fun to paint and we each did one half of the painting."

Some of the artists stood up to paint while others sat. Everyone was enjoying expressing their own interpretation of the featured painting. And, everyone took time to sip some wine and engage in conversation.

CMA Uncorked is held the second Tuesday of every month. There is a fee for each class which includes materials, wine and refreshments. Paintings featured in the past few months have included Van Gogh Sunflowers, Blue Nude, O’Keeffe Flower and Japanese Cherry Blossoms.

Photos by Patricia Faulhaber

1 uncorked.jpg

Art class instructor and education manager at the Canton Museum of Art, Erica Emerson, starts the CMA Uncorked class on July 11.

2 uncorked.jpg

A classroom full of new and experienced artists start their vision of the painting called "The Scream" at the CMA Uncorked event at the Canton Museum of Art.

3 uncorked.jpg

Jeff and Bridget Zagst joined the July 11 CMA Uncorked painting event to try their hand at painting "The Scream." The two have attended other CMA Uncorked classes where the painters learn to paint while enjoying some wine.

4 uncorked.jpg

Each student starts out with a blank canvas and ends up painting their own vision of a popular painting such as "The Scream" seen in the background.

5 uncorked.jpg

Marcia Addison from Alliance has been to four other CMA Uncorked classes. She enjoys painting as hobby and enjoys joining the classes at the Canton Museum of Art.