Stark County Sheriff releases radio recordings.

The Stark County Sheriff’s Office on Friday released radio traffic from the night a Uniontown police officer was wounded and another man killed.

The audio details radio transmissions from when Uniontown police were dispatched on Sunday to a domestic dispute at 11599 Lela Ave. NW in Lake Township.

Before their arrival, police were told one of the individuals at the house had a gun and shots had been fired.

Sheriff George T. Maier said Ryan A. Probst, 28, had a shotgun when police first confronted him at the front door of the house. No shots were fired and Probst retreated into the house.

Later, Sgt. David White engaged Probst in an attached garage when Probst tried to flee on a motorcycle. Probst shot the officer with a handgun. White returned fire but didn’t hit Probst.

Probst again retreated into the house. Another police officer engaged Probst at the front door of the house and shot him. Probst was shot in the head and chest, according to the radio traffic.

Maier said White took cover after being shot.

On the radio recordings, White asked dispatchers to speed up the ambulance, noting, “I’ve been hit four times.”

Another officer at the scene radioed that White had been hit in the abdomen and in one of his hands, and had lost a lot of blood.


White is being treated at an Akron hospital. In a Facebook post on Friday, the Uniontown Police Department said White continued to improve and he and his family were thankful for the support they had received.

The Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation are investigating the incident.

Maier said investigators have reviewed body-camera video from the incident but have yet to interview the Uniontown officer who shot Probst. Lake Township trustees have placed the officer on administrative leave, which is customary during the investigation of an officer-involved shooting. The officer’s name has not been released.

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