LAKEMORE  Village Council approved an ordinance to place an income tax increase on the November ballot.

The increase, which would raise the rate from 2 to 2.5 percent, would be used for street maintenance and improvements and would be effective Jan. 1, 2018.

Councilman Rich Cole said the tax is strictly for the roads and road maintenance.

"We take a lot of heat for the condition of the roads. Come out and vote for the increase to better the roads," he said.

Councilman Josh Timko said the village has been operating with the 2 percent since 1982 and it is hard to get anything done without an increase of funds in 35 years.

A similar 0.5 percent increase was voted down during the May primary election.

Edwin Shaw and paving

Mayor Rick Justice reported the demolition for Edwin Shaw is on schedule and should be completed around the end of August, which is ahead of schedule.

Justice also reported at the June 19 meeting that they were able to do some paving on Mohican, Oneida and Ithaca streets.

"It came in under budget and we got a little more done than what we thought we would get done," he said.

During the meeting, a variety of ordinances and resolutions were approved by council members including:

- An ordinance to increase pay rates for the Lakemore Fire Department, including all personnel with firefighter/paramedic-level training will be compensated at an hourly rate of $14.50. Personnel with a rank of lieutenant with paramedic-level training will be compensated at an hourly rate of $14.75. Personnel with a rank of captain with paramedic-level training will be compensated at an hourly rate of $15.

- A resolution to renew trash services for five years with Republic Waste Services.

- A resolution to hire Jeffrey Wilson as a reserve police officer for the village.

- Ordinances to dedicate Plaza Drive and for the mayor to enter into a cooperative agreement with Akron Center Associates and Summit County to obtain and improve the private drive.

In other news:

- A resolution to advertise for bids and subsequent sale of property was read for the second time.

- Resident Amber Harrison spoke to council members and said she has a elderly neighbor who is no longer in his home. The village mowed the lawn and took the fence and gate down. She wanted to know who was going to put it back up and said the gate is now missing.

"That was damage to his property and he is not able to defend himself," she said.

Harrison said she and her family are going to take over taking care of the lawn. Justice said he would find out what was going on with the fence and the gate.

The next council meetings will be held at 7 p.m. July 3 and 17 at the Municipal Building.