NORTH CANTON  Price Park on West Maple Avenue in North Canton is a favorite place for families to hold celebrations, walkers and runners to get their daily exercise and of course the many ducks and geese to get a daily share of popcorn or a piece of bread.

The park recently received surface water improvements to replace an old corrugated metal pipe that carried water from two manholes within the 400 feet of repair. The new pipe is made of reinforced concrete and is seven feet wide and four feet high.

"It’s much like a tunnel between two manholes that are located along the east side of the pond," said Bruce Bernhard, engineering technician with the City of North Canton. "We started the project in November 2016 and finished in the middle of May. The pond was drained to help relieve the pressure of the weight on the wall of the culvert. A new sidewalk area was added to connect the city sidewalk to the walking path within the park."

There was also some grading done on the east, west and south sides of the pond to allow better drainage and those areas have been reseeded for grass. Price Park is one of 11 parks maintained by North Canton.

Other parks include Bitzer Park in the center of North Canton, Upper Glenwood Park off South Main Street, Dogwood Park on 7th Street Northeast, Eastwoods Park on Westview Circle Southeast, Hoover Community Recreation Complex on East Maple Street, North Canton Skateboard Park at Dogwood Park, Schneider Valley Park on Clearmount Avenue, Charlie Strausser Memorial Park off of New England Drive Southeast and the Rotary Park inside Price Park.

The cost of the surface water improvement project was $279,000 and it included the 400-foot box culvert, new catch basins, new seeding and the new sidewalk. Easton Construction from North Canton was the contractor and the project was designed by GPD Group from Akron.

Two parking lots at Price Park have been updated in the past five to six years. A new drinking fountain on the Glenwood side of the park and repaving the walking path this year and next.

Brian Hill, operations manager in the water distribution and park and recreation department said, "We try to make improvements to all of our parks and keep all of our parks looking nice so that families can enjoy a safe environment and enjoy having a picnic or getting some exercise.

"We encourage people to come out and fish the pond in Price Park. It’s a catch and release pond that sees a lot of people enjoying a morning or an afternoon of fishing," he added.